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Top 9 video editing tools for marketing teams

video editing tools for marketing teams


The 2018 State of Social Video: Consumer Trends states that video ads are growing in prominence, so much so that it is the number one model used by consumers to find details about a product or a brand. Shift to 2021, and video marketing statistics show that consumers love videos, and brands are not shying away from using this tool more often. 

72% of marketers use videos to raise brand awareness and 87% use videos as a marketing tool. It has also been proven that video marketing can help boost leads by 66%. 

While videos serve multiple purposes, the right video editing tools must be used to get impeccable and impressive results. Thankfully, there are several top-of-the-line video editing tools today, available online, free, and paid, both for professional and amateur use for creating ads, social media content, brand awareness, or lead generation.

Following are the top 9 video editing tools for your marketing teams-

  1. InVideo

One of the most striking features of the video editing tool is that it can be used by professionals and beginners alike. That is why we have ranked the video editing tool at number one. InVideo is compliant with Windows and Mac, and users need to create an account before they start using the tool.

Plus points:

  •   Fast – videos can be edited and created in less than ten minutes
  •   User-friendly web-based interface
  •   Clean and clear features with an intuitive editor
  •   No technical know-how is required to use the tool
  •   Simple minus hundreds of fancy options that can make the editing process complex and long-drawn
  •   Availability of 2000+ pre-made templates with tutorials for guidance and library
  •   AI-enabled video assistant that works as your virtual assistant and points out difficult-to-spot errors, and gives recommendations
  •   Users can do a lot with the tool – edit, create impressive visuals and effects, convert from text to video, in-built text-to-speech technology for voice-over, import your videos, and helps create videos from scratch with blank templates
  •   Round-the-clock live support


  •     Free plan for a lifetime; only 60 videos can be edited or created under this plan with watermarking
  •       Business plan for small businesses and start-ups: Price- $15 per month or $180 yearly, free trial for seven days
  •       Unlimited plan for bigger organizations and marketing agencies; includes extra storage and team sharing features; priced at $30 per month or $360 yearly; free trial for seven days.


  1. Final Cut Pro

This tool has been created by Apple and is used in the creation of synched video content. You can create full-resolution media with 4K and 8K videos. Sharing videos and libraries is easy and can be done across the world. The Machine Learning tool has in-built features that enable screen sizes to adjust for social media.

Plus Points

  •       Enhanced portability feature with the proxy engine that creates proxy copies that are one-eighth of the original size.
  •       Smart conform to crop the videos to suit the screen size and social media requirements
  •       Transform OVerscan enables viewing of footage
  •       Metal engine facilitates faster editing of complex projects with real-time effects, rendering, and exporting
  •       Intuitive design
  •       Multicam that enables syncing up to 64 angles


  •       Free trial
  •       One-time fee of $299.99


  1. Promo

With Promo, you can start with video creation almost instantly. With hundreds of ready-to-use templates, users can find the right ideas for creating different kinds of videos.

Plus Points

  •       Use photos and video clips to create videos
  •       Use text boxes for CTAs
  •       Add background scores, music, and audio


  •       Two-month free trial
  •       Premium plan at $49 per month


  1. Adobe Premiere Pro

From the house of one of the top multimedia software companies in the world, the Premiere Pro is an immaculate software for video editing.

Plus Points

  •       Can edit all high-res video formats
  •       Video tutorials for guidance
  •       Create videos for social media, TV, and films
  •       Adobe Sensei for footage in videos
  •       Integrated workflows for better storytelling


  •       Annual plan at$20.99 per month
  •       Monthly plan at $31.49 per month


  1. Filmora Pro

Filmora presents the Pro video editing tool with advanced features. This tool is comprehensive, offering end-to-end editing features.

Plus Points

  •       Grouping timeline clips and advanced editing modes.
  •       Automatic audio sync with audio compressor and audio noise reduction features.
  •       Precise color correction
  •       High-quality presets
  •       Matte clean-up tools


  •       Yearly plan at $89
  •       Lifetime plan at $149


  1. Biteable

Create bite-size videos fast and easily with this tool. It helps create videos from scratch with readymade templates.


Plus Points

  •       Templates for easy use
  •       Stock videos for the background
  •       Animated text options
  •       Option to upload personal videos
  •       Possible to sync colors and fonts


  •       Free plan – Watermarked videos with unlimited downloads
  •       Paid plans begin at $29 per month.


  1. Lumen 5

It is an online cloud video editing tool with a user-friendly interface and easy layout.  

Plus Points

  •       Pre-made templates
  •       No prior editing experience is required to work with Lumen 5.
  •       AI-powered storyboard
  •       Free to use library of images, audio, video clips to add to your video.


  •       Free forever plan
  •       Creator plan at @11 monthly
  •       Premium plan at $59 monthly
  •       Business at @149 per month.


  1. Clip Clamp

It is a cloud-based tool with easy-to-use drag-and-drop features. The tool comes with a free-to-use webcam to record and editor, compressor, and converter to edit videos.

Plus Points

  •       Fast and quick editing
  •       Free storage and uploads
  •       Features to create the video from scratch
  •       Ready-to-use templates.
  •       Exhaustive audio and video library


  •       Basic plan free-of-cost
  •       Creator plan at $9 per month
  •       Business Platinum at $39 per month


  1. Shotcut

The video editor is open-source, free to use, and can be used across platforms.

Plus Points

  •       Works well with different types of video and audio formats
  •       Native editing
  •       Multi-format timelines
  •       Preview monitoring
  •       Network stream playback features
  •       Supports 4K resolution.
  •       Intuitive interface


  •       Free to use


Get started on a rewarding journey with these choicest video editor tools that take your marketing goals to a different level altogether.

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