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Riddle| What Goes up but Never Comes Down? – 11 Best Answers

Riddle: What Goes up but Never Comes Down?

Riddle: What Goes up but Never Comes Down?

When it comes to riddles, A lot of famous and funny you can find and enjoy them. I am asking here about a famous and older one. The riddle is “What Goes up but Never Comes Down?

We have 2 types of answers to this riddle. 


The Best Answer to “What Goes up but Never Comes Down?

  • Age

Age is the best answer. As age is the only thing that goes up but never comes down. We are getting older day by day and it can never be reversible. With older age, we need to take care of different health precautions.

7 Things in Life We want them Goes Up But Never Comes Down

  1. A Perfect Day

  2. Happiness

  3. Dreams and Hopes

  4. Positive Thinking

  5. Pride in Accomplishment or Success

  6. Optimism

  7. The Holiday Season


A Perfect Day: Every day may not be perfect – but sometimes all it takes is one good day to remind us that life can be pretty amazing.

Happiness: No matter what’s going on in our lives, if we’re consistently happy then everything is A-OK in our book.

Dreams and Hopes: It may seem like nothing ever comes of our dreams or hopes, but sometimes it’s the little things that count most – especially when they bring us happiness on a daily basis.

Positive Thinking: Whether we’re struggling with a personal issue or just dealing with the everyday stresses of life, it’s important to have a positive attitude and focus on the good in life.

Pride in Accomplishments or Success: Even when we fall short, being proud of our successes – no matter how small – is an essential part of maintaining any sense of self-esteem.

Optimism: While there are times when pessimism can be helpful (in order to prepare for bad situations), at heart most of us are optimists at heart. Even when the world is tough to deal with, we always try to see the good in people and things.

The Holiday Season: No matter what time of year it is, nothing feels better than celebrating Christmas or New Year’s with family and friends. can never go wrong, these are things that we all need in life , they make us happy.


More Answers to entertain you about the Riddle “What Goes up but Never Comes Down?“:


  • A Staircase

  • Balloon

  • Bubble Gum


A Staircase: A staircase goes up but never comes down, which is a visual representation of how progress continues even in the face of adversity. Even though it seems like things are going uphill, eventually they will reach their peak and then slowly start to come back down again. This also reflects how people can gradually improve over time if they keep working hard.

Balloon: Whether it’s getting released into the air for the first time or constantly rising on a string, balloons always seem to captivate us with their free-spirited abandon.

Enjoying a Bubble Gum: Even when we’re grownups and know better, we can’t help but pop a bubble gum every now and then. Whether it’s in the driveway with friends or shoved in our school textbooks, Bubble Gum is always one of those things that just makes us happy.


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