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How to Check DU Sim Number

How to Check DU Number


When you buy a new SIM card, it’s easy to forget what phone number was paired with the device. There is no way for people living in Dubai (or any other country) on DU SIM because their packages are very cheap and activate any type of plan- so here I will show how quickly can check if your owner’s name has been linked or not.


How to Check DU Number

Below are three verified methods to check DU sim number easily:


1st Method: Give a Miss Call to Identify your SIM Card Number

The easiest way to get your phone number is by miss call, calling or texting another loved one, and checking. If that doesn’t work, try method three: send an SMS (or call) on another device with the same service provider as yours; if they don’t answer then go straight into voicemail so you can hear how much money has been left there already.


2nd Method: Check Number on SIM Box

First, you need to check your SIM Card box which was gotten from the store. There is an assigned number with full S/N and name on it if remembered otherwise leave this step for further assistance in processing new cards later down below.


3rd Methos: Use Short Code

You can also use a short USSD code to see if your SIM number is active on the Du network. Dial *116# and wait for 1-2 seconds, after which you’ll be able to view it in text form—such as “Your Mobile Number.


4th Method: Use DU App

Yes, you can check the number using an app. DU has launched its own sleek and convenient mobile service called “DU” to manage packages as well as see calls from other people on your account without having them scroll through all of their messages one at a time.

If there’s already an account set up for this in my laptop then it will automatically sync with what I’m doing here; otherwise, new users must enter their SIM card information in to create a personal Profile page before accessing any additional features such as checking history or sending SMS texts message (texting back/forth).


5th Method: Call the Helpline

DU is a popular network in UAE. With its presence across the country, you would expect that there are multiple ways for checking details on your phone or SIM card number. Visit the nearest retailer center or franchise. You can call their helpline number 0097143905555 as well.


How to Save & Remember your Mobile Number

Are you having problems in saving or remembering your mobile number? Check out these steps that can help you save and remember it easily.

Make it easy to type

Ensure that your phone number has the right keypad format, which is what the majority of people use. For example, a good number would be 0321223334 rather than something like 31296590 or 0102547862.

Add a memorable pattern

You may add a distinctive pattern to each digit in your phone number, such as having 3-2-1 at the end of your number as your personal sequence.


Make it part of your contact’s name

If you can, try to include your phone number as a contact’s name. For example, you can name it as (032) 1223334 or (032) Joseph Johnson, making it easier for you to access.


Keep it on your speed dial

To avoid the hassle of memorizing or typing phone numbers, consider adding them on your phone’s speed dial.


Ask for help

If you’re still having problems saving or remembering your phone number, consider asking for some help from your family or friends.

And that’s it! Hopefully, these steps helped you in saving and remembering your mobile number.

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