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Karma Akabane



Karma akabane is well-known throughout the school for his violent behavior and critical attitude. He is very cunning, cruel, and miserable, often mischievous, deceitful, and sometimes deceptive, demeaning, and at odds with others. He was described by Karasuma as “at first glance, seeing himself as a lazy person, but with a strong sense of evil in his eyes”, and Itona described him as having “a certain idea” in Trasaka.

Karma is very comfortable most of the time as he sometimes jumps over things he finds boring, like a school meeting. However, he has worked very hard to learn after the embarrassing test even though he hides it by making it look like he was playing video games. Unexpectedly, Karma is a fan of heroic films, such as Sonic Ninja.

Karma Akabane Has A Long And Illustrious History.

They are “free people” who spend most of their time traveling around the world, and as a result, they spend less time with Karma.

Karma has been a rebellious student for a long time. However, because of his good grades, the local teacher supported him and declared that “as long as you are good, the sense will be on your side”.

In her first two years at Kunigigaoka, Karma had been friends with her classmate Nagisa Shiota. He first approached Nagisa when he saw the latter reading a story about Karma’s favorite film director who was acquainted with a comic book and invited Nagisa to come and watch with him. For a short time, the two of them lived together, with Karma not being able to keep up with Nagisa. One day at a fast-food restaurant, Nagisa unwittingly sneaked into Karma.

Karma Akabane Has The Following Skills.

Leadership: Karma is able to use and guide classmates, using their skills in the most appropriate context. He plans to conquer Itona in the natural pool, but he began to demonstrate this in more detail in Chapter 145, where he directs each team member to the positions that best suit them.

Talent: Karma is one of the most talented characters in the series, able to maintain high marks with minimal effort. He shows his cunning, evil yet his main goal in assassination attempts, as well as other situations he may need, such as saving his classmates or others. And you are usually the first person to notice any unusual things that might happen near and inside the classroom.

Karma Akabane Relationships

Nagisa is Karma’s first and closest friend. The two are often together and seem to enjoy the same things as movies. Karma also enjoys making fun of Nagisa and often has a lot of creative ways to do that; many of them ridiculous for his androgynous appearance. Despite this, Nagisa does not care and is not very upset about Karma’s ridicule. In the official character book, it is stated that Nagisa is the only person who has ever visited her home.

Karma Akabane’s Personality

Behind her ordinary face that looks pure, smiling hides her abusive and bitter personality. He has a thin body and is also seen with surprisingly sharp canine teeth.

Bottom Line

For all Class 3-E students, Karma is the only one wearing a black blazer compared to the standard school uniform. Seven years after graduation, Karma has grown significantly and has grown back. Her eyes too seemed so scared.


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