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How to Squeeze in Self-care Activities during a Busy Week




We live in an era of hustle culture. There is fierce competition all around us, and our go-getter selves constantly look for the next great opportunity to live our big dreams. But along this path, we often forget to take time out for ourselves.

It is well known that self-care is essential for all of us. The aesthetics of spending your weekend with a facemask and your favorite scented candle, going on a hike every morning to soak in nature before you begin your day, or reading your favorite books are all very appealing.

People swear by how refreshing such a break from a hectic routine can be. Yet we can’t find the time to take things slow and disconnect from our obligations for a little while. But don’t you worry! We got you. We have rounded up five tips to help you accommodate self-care effectively into your busy schedule.

Prioritize your mental health

Our fast-paced society has us running in a constant rat race. We are constantly on the hunt for something bigger and better. Social media has become the cherry on top of this competitive sundae, where we have a front-row seat to everyone’s seemingly perfect lives. Amidst all this pressure and constantly feeling like we are not doing enough, our mental health is bound to suffer. It’s no surprise that to cope with anxiety and find an escape from reality, people resort to alcohol and drugs.

Multiple psychological studies have established that two out of three alcoholics meet the criteria for another significant psychiatric disorder at some point in their lives. You can prevent addiction with care and abstinence. However, if you have become addicted to alcohol, opioids, stimulants, or any other substance, it is best to go to a rehabilitation center, such as Delphi Behavioral Health, where professionals can help you with medical detox and help you manage your mental health better.

Make a schedule

Making a to-do list and sticking to it might sound restricting, but in reality, it is rather liberating. First, it makes you focus on precisely what you have to do. It might also help calm you if you feel like there is a lot to do but not enough time, and you feel lost about where to start. Secondly, it will help you identify your free time in the middle of all the work and track how much time goes to waste in procrastination.

According to an online survey of 600 participants, 96% reported that to-do lists had improved their lives, 89% said they enjoyed making lists, and 28% reported they were compulsive list makers. Participants further reported feeling rewarded when they crossed out items on their lists. You could also decorate your to-do lists and maybe even incorporate them into your bullet journals. This process will encourage you to make a list and allow you to get creative while also staying organized and productive.

Practice journaling

Journaling is a great way to take care of yourself. Finding ten minutes in your day to jot down your thoughts, whenever convenient, is a great way to declutter your mind and get things off your chest. There are many ways of journaling, for instance, gratitude journaling. It is where you list things you are grateful for, even if it’s just three things, even if you write it in list form or maybe elaborate on the point.

Whether you spend five minutes on it or more, you are bound to experience peace, happiness and tranquility as you refocus your perspective on things that are going right in your life, as opposed to constantly considering the glass to be half-empty. Not only that, but the practice of writing out your thoughts and pondering over them allows you to reflect and connect on a deeper level with yourself. As a result, you are calmer, more at peace, and more likely to practice self-love. All of which are immensely important for your emotional and mental well-being.

Move around

Exercise. Move around even if it is for 10 minutes. We know that workouts are great for physical well-being, but we tend to overlook their benefits for our mental well-being. Simply put, exercise releases some feel-good chemicals in our brain that do wonders to reduce anxiety and stress levels in our body. This movement not only makes you feel good physically but also contributes to your emotional happiness.

Studies show that people who make time for exercise report being happier and more successful. It does not have to be in a gym. You could work out in the comfort of your home, maybe in your outdoor space, to soak in nature while you are at it. Your movement could be of any kind, be it jogging during your lunch break, taking a bicycle to work if it is nearby, incorporating meditative and restorative yoga in your exercise regime, or anything that suits you. The key is to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping.

Me time

Take time out of your day that is just for you. It could be an hour or two before bedtime, or you could wake up an hour earlier than usual to fit this into your schedule. Unplugging and reducing screen time is advisable, and this could be the perfect opportunity. Dedicate this time to yourself and your hobbies.

You could incorporate working out or journaling in this time frame. Alternatively, you could work on yourself, for instance, teaching yourself something new, like learning a new skill or language. You could practice stillness in this time. Play light background music, stay still, and quiet down the noise in your mind. It can be a powerful meditative practice that can help you be more mindful.

Me time is when you allow yourself to unwind and recharge. This way, you help yourself become more productive and prevent burnout, resulting in a stress-free, happier you.


The importance of self-care is a well-known fact. But because it is not directly helping us achieve our big dreams and helping us cross things off of our bucket list, we often ignore it and set it aside for some other day. Therefore it is essential to understand that, though it isn’t showing us immediate results, it will still contribute to our growth in the long run. For this reason, self-care needs to be prioritized and, at times, treated as one of the obligations on our to-do lists to ensure that we make time for it in our crazy schedules. With some of the tips listed above, you will surely enjoy a better quality of life despite your demanding schedule.


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