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Your Quick Guide to Winnebago Motorhomes



This is the year of road trips. In fact, of the people planning to hit the road for a vacation this year, 61% say they plan to travel over 500 miles on their journey.

If you’re planning your own road trip adventure this year, consider taking your vacation to the next level by ditching your daily driver and replacing it with a recreational vehicle (RV) instead.

When it comes to RVs, Winnebago motorhomes are considered to be the best of the best. But, how do you know which one is right for you? We’re here to help.

Keep reading to learn more about the different Winnebago motorhome options so you can choose the right one for your next trip.

Winnebago Class A Motorhomes

If you want to feel like you’re driving around in luxury, look no further than a class A model. Looking almost like a fancy tour bus, class A models come in a variety of floorplans to ensure that your road trip includes all the comforts of home.

Currently, Winnebago offers 7 class A models, so there’s something for everyone. You can choose models that use either gas or diesel, depending on your preferences. You also won’t have to worry about space if you’re bringing the whole family along, as this brand proudly boasts class A motorhomes that can sleep anywhere from 3 to 5 people, depending on which model you choose.

Of course, these top-of-the-line motorhomes also are the most expensive option. So, you may want to wait to see how much you like RVing before investing in a class A model.

Winnebago Camper Van Options

Looking for a small Winnebago motorhome for your next road trip? One of their camper vans could be just what you need. A more compact travel vehicle, Winnebago’s camper vans skip the frills and instead focus on providing you with everything you need in a small, easy-to-drive van. You can get RV loan easily, and before getting the loan you have to calculate your RV loan.

If you’re traveling solo or with just a few other people, these are perfect, since their 6 camper van models can sleep between 2 and 4 people. There are also gas and diesel options in the camper vans, so you can choose the option that works best for you.

Winnebago Class C Motorhomes

Do you want something in between a class A motorhome and a camper van? Then a class C option could be best for you. Smaller than a class A model, but bigger than a camper van, Winnebago’s 7 class C models are just right.

With models sleeping between 2 and 5 people, there’s plenty of room for your road trip crew. Again, you can choose between gas and diesel options and the midrange prices are perfect if you’re RV shopping on a budget.

Explore Winnebago Motorhomes Before Your Next Trip

After learning more about the different types of Winnebago motorhomes, you should have a better idea of which model might work best for your needs. Time to explore them more in person to pick your perfect road trip RV!

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