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Why Snowflake Data Masking System Is Essential

Snowflake Data Masking


Snowflake Data Masking is an advanced tool developed by DataSunrise to guarantee highly sensitive data protection. To prevent leaks and actual data exposure, Snowflake data masking is either static or dynamic. The main categories of sensitive data that can be found and concealed in a network are: financial, personal, medical, etc. However, any kind of file association that can be remotely accessed can also be concealed and protected.

Hide and Mask Unimportant Files and Folder on the Network

The main purpose of static data masking is to hide and mask unimportant files and folder on the network. The network administrator simply needs to click on the “Properties” tab of the folder or file and select “static data masking”. This will hide the folder or file, even if it has an important value that is being viewed. This is very useful when you need to protect financial data or anything that requires confidentiality and secrecy.

Network Protection

With the growth of identity theft and other cybercrimes, network protection is one of the most crucial components in the information security system. Therefore, companies all over the world are making huge investments in Snowflake masking. This is to protect not only computers and telephones but also servers and application servers. When a company’s data is secure, a company is able to focus its attention on its core business operations. Therefore, it is more important today than ever to secure and properly mask data whenever possible.

Snowflake data masking is a major benefit because it allows network security even for situations when the original data is ordinarily viewable. For example, a company’s server can be compromised by a hacker who knows how to go through a firewall. The original data can then be read, which gives the hacker complete control over the system. With data masking, the network security of a company is already strong because sensitive data is

Both Passive and Active Protection

Another advantage of Snowflake IDP solution is that it enables a company to take advantage of both passive and active protection. As the name implies, passive protection involves any kind of filtering that will be applied before a certain level of sensitive data is allowed into the company’s database. On the other hand, active protection involves any type of filtering or blocking required to maintain the integrity of the database, no matter what level of IDP is applied.

More Advantages of Using Snowflake Data Masking

There are many advantages of using Snowflake data masking to protect your company against data breaches. One of them is that it helps in reducing the risks of data breaches. Active protection is a key tool that helps a company to prevent data breaches. While passive data security is also very important, it comes at a price. This is because it requires a significant number of resources to maintain and implement, making it impractical for smaller companies with tight budgets.

Snowflake IDP solution is flexible too. It can meet the needs of any size company and application. If a large data breach occurs, it can handle the huge task of tracking down hackers and preventing them from further accessing the company’s database. Even if a small breach does occur, it can be handled by static data masking. This is because the small pieces of data are masked by larger pieces of information, ensuring that even if small pieces of data are accidentally transmitted, the network will not be compromised.

When considering a good system for handling sensitive personal or financial data, consider a Snowflake IDP system. It offers end-to-end secure data masking, along with proactive filtering. It works in the event of even the most remote of threats. With industry-leading capabilities, Snowflake IDP solutions are the perfect match for your business.

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