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Why it’s Critical to Optimize Account Receivable in Laboratory Billing



A crucial aspect of running a successful business is establishing an adequate account receivable (AR) management strategy. Nonetheless, many lab practitioners fail to take an efficient approach to the situation, and they are the worst for it.

Optimizing and improving procedures for accounts receivable brings many benefits to Laboratory billing. An efficient and streamlined AR procedure positively impacts overall operations, marketing, outcomes, customer services, revenue, and lab’s overall productivity. So, it’s well worth it to devote effort and time to improve its efficiency and productivity.

Like many lab practitioners, you may not instantly see the advantages of proactively optimizing your AR procedures. Doing so can dramatically streamline many aspects of your business. Before doing anything else, commit your professionals to make AR a priority as early as possible in the process.

Reasons for AR follow-up important in Laboratory billing

Many laboratories are facing challenges with managing accounts receivable. Here are some of the popular reasons,

1. Financial Stability of the Lab

The financial stability of the lab is greatly based on a positive cash flow. The lab practitioners must have maintained a positive financial status in order to ensure efficient growth and take care of the lab expenses.

2. Recovering overdue payments

With a professional account receivable team, laboratories, healthcare providers, and physicians clear their due payments. By effective follow-ups, they guarantee to receive payments promptly.

3. Minimize time for outstanding accounts

The primary focus of AR management staff is to minimize the time on unpaid or outstanding accounts. The billing team monitors and follow-up the outstanding accounts and secures the reimbursement process.

4. Claims never go missing

Generally, delay in payments is the reason behind the rejection or denial of a claim. This usually happens when manual records are lost. To avoid such problems, so the claim is never going to be missing, it is wise to send the claim in electronic form.

5. Claims denied can be Follow-up

Based on the denial reason, you should send a new claim request to the insurance carriers with the corrections made. Your AR management team must ensure the claim followed-up to the end.

6. Recover claims kept pending for Information:

In situations where claims can wait in queue for time to get additional information from members. For that time, the AR team follows up on things and speeds up the process.

Many laboratory billing companies are struggling to get their revenue cycle in a stream. To avoid significant loss of revenue, It is wise to advise that you outsource your AR follow-up to a professional AR services provider company.

Why Outsource Accounts Receivables Services?

In today’s business world, outsourcing AR services have become popular, as cash flow is of utmost importance in every lab practice. Hire a laboratory billing company to reduce stress and manage your AR. Outsourcing AR can enable you to collect payments quickly and within deadlines. Your outsourcing service provider will be using advanced electronic billing and customer friendly payment options so that your receivables are collected and processed quickly.

Reasons for Outsourcing AR Services:

  • Increase in recoveries and cash flow
  • Delinquency minimization
  • Operating cost minimization
  • Unapplied credit elimination
  • Greater Efficiency
  • Bad debt reduction

Laboratory Billing Tools is Key to Efficiency

Advanced tools are a critical part of effective medical billing, including AR. Medical billing tools should include a feature that generates notifications and bills at appropriate intervals.

It is well known throughout the collections industry that the longer a bill goes unpaid, the less likely it is to ever be paid. On top of that, every time a bill has to be addressed by staff, the cost of the collection goes up, so profit goes down. Getting claims and patient bills paid as soon as possible is vital to keeping revenue up and costs down.

Key Takeaways:

Every business must track and obtain their account receivables during the laboratory billing process. Many medical organizations utilize expert medical billing services to ensure that these payments are appropriately filed, processed, and received.

Outsourcing AR services to the laboratory billing can help your laboratory to deal with your accounts receivables effectively. We will not only save your operational costs but also help in improving the cash flow.


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