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Where is Montana?



Montana is located in western North America. Its borders are the Canadian Province of Alberta on the north and Wyoming on the south. It is also bordered by the States of Idaho and North Dakota on the east and west. The Canadian Province of Saskatchewan is located in the northeast of Montana and the State of South Dakota is located in the southeast. In the northwest, the Canadian Province of British Columbia lies.

More about the question, Where is Montana? This state is bordered by Canada, Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota, and South Dakota. There are also many cities, towns, and points of interest in Montana, such as the state capital of Helena. You can also find directions to these cities and other points of interest on a Montana map. Whether you’re traveling by car or by plane, you can get a map of Montana to help you plan your journey.

Glacier National Park

Located in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, Glacier National Park offers spectacular views of peaks and valleys carved by glaciers. The park is traversed by the Going-to-the-Sun Road. Hikers and bikers can take advantage of the park’s 700 miles of trails, including a route to Hidden Lake. You can also try your hand at backpacking and cycling, and view the varied wildlife.


Situated on the banks of the Yellowstone River, the city of Billings is situated in the southern part of the state. Trails wind through the rimrocks of the city, which are sandstone cliffs. The city’s Western Heritage Center is a fascinating display of local history. Moss Mansion showcases early 20th-century interiors. The Pictograph Cave State Park contains rock paintings. Nearby, the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument is the site where Lieutenant Colonel Custer was killed.


If you’re looking for something a little different for your next vacation, consider a trip to Missoula, Montana. This western city is home to 1877 Fort Missoula and the nearby Historical Museum. You’ll also find contemporary art at the Missoula Art Museum. And, if you love ponies, you can try the Carousel for Missoula, which has handcrafted wooden ponies. Outdoor enthusiasts can hike across Mount Sentinel and Mount Jumbo to get a full taste of the wild landscape. You can also explore the northeast Rattlesnake National Recreation Area, which features peaks, forests, and waterfalls.

Great Falls

In 1882, Paris Gibson, a Maine-born entrepreneur, visited Great Falls. He had met railroad magnate James J. Hill in Minneapolis but had previously worked as a sheepherder in Fort Benton. Gibson was intrigued by the potential to build a major industrial city near the falls, which could use hydroelectric power to generate electricity. Gibson then traveled back to Great Falls with surveyors and friend Robert Vaughn. They platted the area’s permanent settlement on the south side of the river. Silas Beachley and a group of others soon followed, and the town grew and prospered.


If you’re looking for a place to live that’s both livable and picturesque, Butte, Montana may be the place for you. Located in Silver Bow County, Butte is the county seat. In 1977, Butte and Silver Bow County combined into one county, Butte-Silver Bow, with a total population of 34,494.


When it comes to the Western American experience, Helena, Montana, does not disappoint. This state capital is the county seat of Lewis and Clark County. This city has a unique mix of history and modern culture. From the Lewis and Clark Trail to the Helena Art Festival, you’ll be sure to find something to interest you during your trip to Helena. Read on to learn more about this exciting city. Then, decide if Helena is the city for you.


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