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What type of lizard makes a good pet?


There are a lot of lizard species out there–over 4,600 to be exact. When it comes to the best ones to keep as a pet, there’s one that immediately comes to mind. Bearded dragons are spiky, two-foot-long lizards and are some of the most popular of all reptiles. They are beloved for their calm and easy-going temperament, simple care requirements, and affinity for being affectionate (a very rare quality for a cold-blooded animal). Suitable for total beginners, they’re still a lot of fun for more experienced herpers to keep. Here are the three reasons why bearded dragons make good pets.

They’re Low Maintenance

Let’s start off with the practical concerns of pet ownership. Bearded dragons are marvelously low-maintenance pets. Native to Australia, they don’t need much by way of fancy tank equipment or decor. Just keep it hot (around 85℉ to 90℉) with a minimal amount of moisture in the air and you’ll have a happy lizard on your hands. If it takes you a few tries to get the hang of managing their day, night, and basking temperatures, these lizards are hearty and can withstand a few mistakes. Only requiring the absolute basics of terrarium equipment, they also keep costs low, which is always welcome.

They’re Well-Behaved

Naturally calm and docile, bearded dragons are a very safe pet option that’s even suitable for children. They do well with human interaction and are easily one of the most social of lizards. While it’s typically recommended to keep handling to a maximum of once per day for 15 minutes, bearded dragons have a great tolerance for handling which makes them a perfect pet option for owners who want a hands-on experience. Their temperament is also a huge plus for beginners who can interact with their pet without fear or risk of being struck.

They’re Intelligent

Brains aren’t something that reptiles are known for, but bearded dragons have them in spades (comparatively, at least). Boasting an above-average intelligence to their other cold-blooded peers, bearded dragons are capable of feats that most of their brethren could never imagine–literally.

A higher reptile IQ enables beardies to learn tricks like recognizing their name and coming when called. It also allows them a greater ability to bond with their owners and develop feelings of affection. Whereas your typical lizard or snake might never come to truly recognize you in a meaningful way, bearded dragons are capable of distinguishing between different beings, including other animals. Beware! Crossing a bearded dragon means ending up on their bad side, something they won’t soon forget.

Where To Get a Bearded Dragon

If you’ve been on the fence about getting a pet lizard, the bearded dragon is a fantastic lizard species to take the plunge with. Friendly, smart, and easy to care for, they’re a triple-threat that is sure to charm you. You can find a bearded dragon for sale anywhere that reptiles are sold. For the best selection and all the equipment, you would ever need to care for one, check out online reptile shops that specialize in all things scaly or slithering.


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