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What Animals See within the Stars, and What They Stand to Lose



Nick, a harbor seal, entered the annals of astronomical historical past when Guido Dehnhardt, a marine biologist now on the College of Rostock, was learning how marine mammals orient themselves. If seals may discern stars, Dr. Dehnhardt and his colleague Björn Mauck hypothesized, that may assist clarify how the animals are capable of full lengthy swims throughout in any other case featureless seas.

To check a seal’s astronomical expertise, Dr. Mauck devised what have to be two of scientific historical past’s most wide-eyed, wonder-infused experiments.

First the staff constructed their seal-o-scope — a tube with no lens, by which Nick was given a tour of the night time sky. He constantly pressed his paddle when vibrant factors like Venus, Sirius and Polaris got here into view; he couldn’t see as many faint stars as people can, the researchers decided, however loads of potential celestial landmarks had been nonetheless out there to him.

Subsequent Dr. Mauck constructed one thing even greater. This time two seals had been invited to take part, Nick and his even cleverer brother, Malte.

When ushered again into the pool at a Cologne zoo, the seals entered a dome measuring 15 ft throughout, its rim resting on a floating ring. The insides of this bespoke aqua-planetarium had been lit up with 6,000 simulated stars. “They had been instantly swimming throughout the planetarium and stars like, ‘Oh, what’s that?’” Dr. Dehnhardt mentioned. “You bought the impression that they actually acknowledged what that is.”

First the researchers used a laser pointer to direct the seals to the place the rim of the dome met the water nearest to Sirius, the Canine Star. If a seal swam over and touched that exact a part of the dome with its snout, it obtained some fish. Then the pointer was aimed instantly at Sirius. Once more the seal’s activity was to swim towards the star and contact the purpose on the rim instantly beneath it.

Then the researchers distributed with the laser pointer. Irrespective of which manner the star-projector was oriented, each seals may ultimately swim within the route of Sirius. That confirmed, the researchers argued in a 2008 paper, that seals traversing the open sea had the capability to make use of lodestars to information their travels.


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