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Victoria Police Auctions


If you’re looking for good deals on used cars, then look no further. The Victoria Police department periodically holds auctions of all seized vehicles that are unclaimed after 180 days. This gives the former owners one final chance to claim vehicles or else they will be sold off at auction. Proceeds from these auctions go towards responsible road use initiatives and Victoria Police operations.


Victoria Police Auctions Dates and Time for Victoria, Australia

Onto Victoria Police Auctions; Victoria Police auctions are generally held three times a year:

  1. Last Friday of March
  2. Last Friday of June
  3. Last Friday of November

at Victoria Police Centre, 570 Bourke St Docklands Victoria. The Victoria police auction usually starts around 9.30 am although it is recommended to be there by 8.45 am. Victoria Police auctions are public sales, which means members of the public can attend these auctions.


Victoria Police Auctions items

The Victoria Police Auctions is a great place to pick up items that have been seized or confiscated from criminals and they will be sold at a price people can afford. Items usually up for auction include:

  • Vehicles
  • Jewelry
  • Appliances
  • Artworks

and just about anything else that Victoria Police seize and repossess from criminals.

The Victoria police auction is a great place for people to find bargains as they can pick up some real steals at Victoria Police auctions. A lot of the items are usually new or almost new, which means you can get yourself a bargain but still get a high-quality item. Victoria Police auctions are a great way to get your hands on some decent brands at a fraction of the cost you would usually pay

There are a number of Victoria Police auctions throughout the year, with locations available on their website’s auction schedule. There is also an option to subscribe to Victoria Police Auctions’ email notifications.

Vehicles up for sale include those seized as part of Victoria Police drug and liquor offenses, speeding or red-light camera fines, some Victoria Police impounds, and Victoria Police abandoned vehicles.

Between auctions, some of these vehicles are displayed at Victoria police stations for public viewing. Victoria residents can also subscribe to Vehicles for Sale Victoria, an email bulletin that provides information on all towed or seized vehicles up for sale by the Victoria Police Department.

The Victoria Police Auctions website is and the Victoria Police department website is

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