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When visitors or customers come to your website, you want to make a really good first impression, right? Well, several powerful tools and details will grab a visitor’s attention. All of the additional elements on your site can make a better user experience, and you get to measure how many visitors come back to your site again. This information is important because it shows you that it’s better and cheaper to keep existing visitors than attract new ones. Besides this, visitor satisfaction is also an important thing to maintain. You have to provide your visitors with good content, as well as have a nice design with easy navigation. As stated above, if you want to increase the visibility and credibility of your online business, you should consider including some tools to help you achieve that. And the great thing is that you don’t need to pay extra money to a developer to make that possible; you just need to install a few plugins, and you’re good to go.

Author Boxes

When you have a guest article, you have to make sure to give credit to the author. The best tool for this is Simple Author Box.

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That’s a WordPress plugin that helps you add an author box at the end of a post. In the end, it gives you a more professional look, and it’s responsive on any device. Besides this option, you get additional options, such as assigning multiple authors to a single article. When you want to add an author to some post, you have to fill out additional information (their name, website if they have one, a short biography, their previous work, etc.). After that, the preview window is shown to you, so you can see the final look of an author box. You also get to change the font, font size, and colors. If your site has many authors, this plugin is a must-have for you.

Sticky Elements

Having a good design is what grabs a visitor’s attention and makes them stay on your site. Sticky elements are portions of a website that stay in the same position regardless of a user’s current position on a website. A lot of websites have a sticky navigation menu that stays at the top even when a user scrolls down a page. These sticky elements can be used for other features such as social media sharing buttons, a search bar, a “back to top” button, etc. One of the most popular sticky elements plugins is WP Sticky.

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This plugin is easy to install, and it allows you to make any element of your website sticky (navbar menu, header, map, widgets, etc.). It’s also fully compatible with all the themes and plugins. The best thing about this plugin is that it’s fully responsive, easy to use, and doesn’t require any code modification. It’s also highly recommended for beginners and can be applied to almost any type of website.


Clicking on a broken link on a website can really be frustrating and a great waste of time. In order to deliver great content to your end-users, you should definitely avoid broken or invalid links. Manually finding and fixing bugs like these can lead to the creation of even more errors. Fortunately, there are plugins that will automatically take care of and simplify this process for you. All of the available plugins for broken links ensure that any of the broken links redirect to another page on your site. This will help you maintain your website even more as well as prevent your website’s rankings from failing. WP 301 Redirects is one of the most popular plugins that will take care of all of your links and deliver users the content they wanted to see.

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With the usage of this plugin, you can fix all redirection and 404 errors on your website within minutes. There are also additional features you get with this plugin, such as an instant boost of meaningful traffic, taking full control of all redirects, safely changing URLs, ignoring all bad traffic, etc.

Emergency Tools

Regardless of the fact that we believe that we’re experienced WordPress users or administrators, unexpected and bad things can always happen. If they do, several tools should be ready for use and solve the problems as soon as possible. A lot of issues can come from bad themes, plugins, the usage of lots of plugins at the same time, updating themes or plugins, and more. In order to protect from any type of bad situation that can cause errors and data loss, there’s the Emergency Recover Script (ERS).

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This script is a single-file and independent PHP script that’s used to recover different types of websites in various bad and challenging situations. This script works entirely separate from a WordPress installation which makes it even easier to integrate and use. If any bad situations or errors occur, this script will save your day. Within a few minutes of installation, you just activate it, and that’s it! You’re back on your site in no time. Furthermore, this script includes a couple of up-to-date tools (Core files, WordPress URLs, Server information, Administrator account, etc.) that can also be easily used if needed.


Maintaining your website and online business can sometimes be hard. Luckily, some plugins and tools will most definitely make this whole process easy for you. We surely do hope that some of the tools and plugins mentioned above will suit your website’s needs and enhance your online presence.


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