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uShip: A Detailed Guide on Services and Pricing


The goal of the site is to facilitate efficient logistics management by connecting customers with providers for all their shipping needs. uShip is a freight shipping marketplace and community website that connects shippers with carriers to load, haul, deliver and unload shipments. It accepts any mode of transportation for shipment: air freight, ground freight, rail freight, or ocean cargo. Users can ship anything from household items to commercial goods. Each user has an individual “My Page,” which provides visibility into carrier profiles to make informed decisions about which service provider best suits their needs. Services include door-to-door delivery options such as LTL (less than truckload) and TL (truckload).

How Does uShip Work?

uShip works by providing customers with a platform for finding shipping services or freight transport providers. Customers can request services from uShip’s network of ground, air, and ocean freight carriers. There are approximately 41,000 registered shippers on the site. They use its services for shipping their personal and business goods cost-effectively. It can help you find shipping services at an affordable rate. More than 40,000 service providers on the site provide transportation services using their vehicles and equipment. These include long haul carriers, LTL freight providers, truckers, owner-operators, brokers, and 3PLs (third-party logistics companies).

uShip’s services are organized into three tiers:

Tier 1 – Full service

This option is geared towards those who need logistic support for their shipping. It includes a logistics coordinator with an average handling time of 3 days and features door-to-door delivery options and full transparency of all costs and requirements. It also allows you to select carriers you want to work with for your shipment. A customer can choose the team members that he wants to handle the shipping process from start to finish.

Tier 2 – Partial service

Once a customer submits their request, uShip will provide carrier recommendations for their specific needs and ship weight. Customers will choose their preferred carrier, and the shipping process will continue as described in Tier 1.

Tier 3 – Express service (uShip Connect)

This is a service that uShip recently developed for its members who require a quick shipment. It offers users door-to-door delivery with full transparency of all costs and requirements along with the quick shipment. This option is geared towards those who need quick delivery of their shipments without the extra details involved with logistics management.

Services of uShip

uShip offers three different modes of transportation for customers: LTL freight, TL freight, and ocean cargo. It can accept shipments all over North America, including Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean Islands. To get a better understanding, read a detailed unbiased review of uShip Auto Transport at MovingAstute’s website. uShip also accepts requests from residents of Alaska and Hawaii. You can calculate shipping costs using the uShip freight calculator to determine how much it will cost to ship a particular package. It is based on several factors, including size, weight, distance to be shipped, and what vehicle you want to use for transportation. It includes all charges such as the cost of moving the cargo from your door to the port, fuel, and handling charges. It also shows you escrow payments and payment plans that are available for you.

uShip Pricing

Several factors determine the price of shipping. The size and weight of your package are some determining factors that you have to consider when calculating the cost of your shipping needs. As pointed out earlier, uShip calculates costs using its freight rate calculator. Another factor is where you want your shipment delivered at or from and what vehicle will be used. uShip’s pricing depends on the distance traveled and the availability of a carrier for shipping your goods. Carriers charge different rates depending on their vehicles, expertise, and schedules. A customer can choose to accept bids from carriers to get the most cost-effective option.

uShip offers flat rate shipping that customers can choose when they have a fixed cost for their shipment. Otherwise, customers can decide on the percentage of the overall freight cost they would like to pay and leave it up to uShip’s bid system to provide them with options that meet their demands.

How To Get Started

You can start using uShip by signing up with their website. Once you’ve signed up and have an account, you will be able to see the main page of the site. This is where all offers available on uShip are displayed with options for the next steps, such as view a carrier’s details or contact them directly. Before you get started, make sure you’ve submitted your requests to uShip. Otherwise, they won’t find a shipping rate for you and will redirect you back to your dashboard.

uShip’s website provides trucking companies with the necessary information, including customer contact details, pick-up time, and location. Also, it has everything needed for the customer and shipping company to meet at the agreed-upon location on time. It also provides information regarding payment options, rate quotes, and what needs to be done at the port, if needed, before the departure of goods.

uShip members are required to sign in to access their dashboard. You will find all the shipments you have recently requested for pick up or delivery on your dashboard. You can also check out your rates, escrow payments, and payment plans to help you stay on track with all the payments.


In the article, we’ve given you a guide on finding affordable freight rates and services through uShip. We hope that this information will be helpful for those who are looking for shipping options or have been considering using uShip themselves. If you want more help choosing the right carrier or making sure your shipment is packed adequately, please reach out!


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