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Top Five Eco-Friendly Transportation Methods



We should all do our part to reduce the negative carbon impact on the earth. Learn how with these eco-friendly transportation methods

A person emits around 19 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year. That’s a lot more than many people realize, and while big companies and corporations could help cut down greenhouse emissions faster, individuals do have the power to help.

Are you looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious in your everyday life? Using more eco-friendly transportation is a great start to cutting down your carbon footprint. Try using some of these options when you need to next make a trip.

1. Walk the Walk

Walking is one of the best ways to lower your carbon footprint when it comes to transportation. Not everyone lives in walkable areas, but if you need to go somewhere close, put on your walking shoes. It’s easy, doesn’t require a schedule, and is great exercise.

2. Best for Biking

Biking is another excellent alternative transportation option. You can even use city bikes in some places when you don’t own your own bicycle.

And if you want to buy your own, check out thrift stores and resell shops. If you live in an area where biking feels too difficult due to hills or slopes, these bikes can help give you a boost.

3. The Perfect Public Transportation

Not every place has solid public transportation, but if you’ve never even tried using what’s available in your area, it might be worth giving it a go. Public transportation is a great way to get around cheaply, and it is better for the environment than hopping in a car.

4. Keep It Cool With Carpooling

If you need to take a car, see if carpooling is an option. Planning ride shares for work or other events can be a great way to cut down on gas and get everyone where they need to go.

This is a good plan if you don’t want to own a car and live near people who do the same things you do. You might not realize all the carpooling options until you start asking others.

5. Go Electric or Hybrid With Cars

If you want your own car or feel it is a necessity for your day to day, using an electric or hybrid car does help. Cars are a big part of a person’s carbon footprint, so if you can cut those emissions by even a little, it will do some good.

You may not be able to go full electric, but shopping around for hybrids will still help. It will also help keep your gas bills down since they are more fuel-efficient.

It’s Time For Eco-Friendly Transportation

Moving toward more eco-friendly transportation can save you money, time, and help save the planet. While individuals can’t fix everything, we can help by contributing less to greenhouse gas emissions in our own small ways. Even if you start biking to work a few times a week, that’s better than driving every day.

Even small steps make a difference. ANd if this helped you think up ways you could explore alternative transportation options, keep reading for more good tips.


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