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Top 5 Apps for your next Prank Call

Prank Call Apps


Prank calls never get old! It is a fun and harmless way to have hilarious fun with your friends, family, or even co-workers, going way back to when the first telephone was invented. And believe it or not, the most famous line during a prank call was “Is your refrigerator running?” and if yes was your response expect a, “Well, you better go catch it!”.

It was far easier to pull off Prank calls in the past, since nobody ever knew for sure who was on the other line. However, due to the rise of a new digital age where technological advancements occur faster than you can blink, being exposed over the phone line is more common than ever. 

While Prank calls have become more difficult to execute secretly these days, worry not! Prank apps have become so advanced that hiding your identity is a piece of cake.

Here are the top 5 apps you can use to jumpstart this joke.

This app offers various pre-recorded phone calls you can choose from, offering hilarious and dynamic prank scenarios – a delivery man insisting you made a huge order or a neighbour demanding to turn your music down. You won’t need to record calls with this app, as it conveniently does it for you. 100% anonymity is provided in every phone call. 

To make a prank call couldn’t be easier – choose a prank script, select your contact and call. As the call transpires, you can secretly listen in and laugh at your friend’s hysterical reactions. 


Automated prerecorded calls- There are pre-recorded calls for just about any scenario you can think off. Categories segregate prank scripts to help users search more efficiently.  Examples include VIP, Dating and Love, Top Performing, Neighbours, and Family. 

Speech recognition technology- Its advanced technology allows the app to anticipate responses during a phone, so prerecordings respond at the correct times. 

  • Fake caller ID

This app helps you to practice your prank calls tvia am incoming prank call simulator. The type of prank calls can get you out of some sticky situations with a convincing excuse i.e. a boring work meeting or awkward date. Prank calls can also be scheduled so you won’t have to do it in real-time.


Call customization- Incoming fake callers can be customized, such as their caller ID, photo, number, and even the ringtone to the person you’re pranking.

Funny situations to choose from- You can prank your kids by customizing fake calls to be from Santa Claus, the President, and other fun celebrities. You can even pretend that it’s the prank recipient’s boyfriend or girlfriend.

  • Prankster 

You can make prank calls using this app effortlessly, while keeping anonymous everytime! Like OwnagePranks, this app uses sophisticated technology AI so that the person you’re calling thinks that it’s a real person. You can also choose from their vast amount of prerecordings to find the specific prank scenario you want.


Free 3 prank calls every day- Play 3 different prank calls for free every day. That’s a lot of mischief for a day’s worth!

Available in different languages- There are over 200 prank calls available in different languages. So, language barriers will not present an issue. 

Pre-recorded calls-You can record your pranks and save them to your phone to share with your friends.

  • Jokesphone

If you want to pull a great prank but want to do it quickly without any hassle, then this app is for you. There are a lot of pre-recorded prank calls you can choose and send to your friends. The great thing about this is that it uses third party service, so it won’t point your way if your friend decides to trace the prank call. 


Share it on social media- You can record your call with your friend and share it on social media platforms. Watch funny reactions from your other friends.

Free- You can make free unlimited calls to your friends just by downloading the app.

Not traceable- Since it uses a third party service, your call will not be traced in any way and it’ll just be saved on your phone later on.

  • FunCalls

This voice changing app lets you call friends immediately using your real voice that’s been transformed by generated sound effects. You can even record your voice prior, enabling you to listen to how you sound before executing the prank call.


Funny Voices- You can change your real voice with sounds like helium balloon voice, scary voice, and many more. It also offers background sounds and noises you can use during your call.

Free International Calls- There’s nothing more fun than making prank calls to someone unsuspecting halfway across the world. FunCall offers international calls without charging, as long as you have an internet connection.

So, what are you waiting for? Be a certified prankster and join the prank revolution! 

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