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Top 100 Python Interview Questions You Must Prepare In 2021

Python Interview Questions


Python is one of the useful software which is currently used in lots of software sector companies. It is high level programming language which is basically used to make different types of programming language. It is used to design emphasized codes with the notable use of significant indentation. It is an object0 oriented approach which aims to help different programmers to write the codes clearly with some logical contacts for small and large scale projects. It supports the programming paradigms which includes the structured, object oriented and functional programming.

Python is often described as a Batteries included language. Guido Van Rossum had developed this language which gad helped a lot to increase the pace of the website making. It supports all the programming language which will help to build the website in the fastest method. Python uses dynamic typing and it is a combination of reference counting and a cycle dectecting garbage collector for the memory management. Python interview questions are very much simple with the questions discussed in the following.

Important Question and Answer

1. What are the key features of python?

Ans: Python is an interpreted Language. Which means like the other language like c and its other varients, Python does not need to be compiled before it is run. The other interpreted languages are including PHP and RUBY.

Python is a dynamically typed language, which means it doesn’t need to state the types of variable and when it will be declare them or anything like that.

Python is well suited to object orientated programming in that case it allows the definition of classes which comes along the composition and inheritance. Python does not have access specific to any function. In the python language, all the functions are in the first-class objects. This means that it can assign the variables, returned from other functions and passed to the new functions. Classes are also included in the first objective.

Writing Python code is very much easy than the other languages. But it is slower than the other complied languages. Python allows the inclusion of C-based extensions which helps to get the functions easier. The Numpy package can be taken as a good example for it. There is quite possibility to appear in the real life examples.

Python uses more codes than the other languages since it helps to achieve things in the best methods with some more steps which are very much easy to get it. It is used to make web applications, automation, scientific modelling, big data application and some of the other.

2) What is the type of python language? Programming or scripting?

Ans: Python is capable of scripting but in the normal case it is considered as the general purpose to programming language. In the official website of python the authorities has developed the proper notes regarding this matter.

3) What is pep 8?

Ans: PEP is known as Python Enhancement Proposal in the world wide. This is a set of rules and regulation which shows how to format the code for the maximum extent. This had made to use less functions to be used in the every program.

4) How is memory managed in Python?

Ans: Memory is managed in the python in the following ways:

1. Memory management is used in the python language to manage by the python private heap space. All the python objects and the data structures are located in the private heap. The programmer does not have access to the private heap and he cannot control it if he wants. The python is used by lots of new beginners in this field.

2. The allocation of heap space for Python object is done by Python’s memory manager. The core API gives Access to some tools for the programming to code it.

3. Python also has inbuilt garbage collector which recycles all the unused memory and it can be made available to the heap space so that the function will be work properly.

5) What is PYTHONPATH?

Ans: This is an environment variable which is used when any of the module is imported and then the different fucntions starts to work. It is used to look the presence of all the modules in the various directors. The interpreter is used to determine which module will be run to make it perfectly done.

6) What is Namespace in Python?

Ans: A namespace is used in the naming system which is used to make sure that it requires name to avoid conflicts for it.


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