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Tools Educational Admins Should Consider



The job of an educational administrator can be hectic with managing multiple tasks simultaneously. However, if you’re in this field and are looking to improve your management skills, read on as we explore some of the popular tools that can help improve your productivity.

Today’s world of modern technology is here to make our lives easier, and you must consider some advanced tools to help you manage your tasks more efficiently and effectively. Administrators must be at the forefront of all educational updates like calendars and schedules, teachers’ progress, classroom etiquette, discipline, managing school events, student-related activities while catering to the parents. Using technology to keep track of progress would also help the administrator and the entire school staff.

Suppose you do not want to learn the use of technological tools on your own and want a more holistic approach and training experience. In that case, you can also opt for a Master’s program in education online and get all the practical skills you need to advance your career.

Below are some of the tools you can use to enhance your productivity.

Google Suite

Google has a plethora of applications that can help you organize your work. Google Drive, for example, would help you exchange relevant files with your teaching staff. This material may include lesson plans, report cards, performance reviews, and other activities.

Google forms is another online tool that you can use to carry out surveys, get feedback, collect relevant information, and send out to parents to keep them updated about students’ performance. Use Google Slides to make presentations for meetings, making it easier to draft the presentations collectively. Google Spreadsheets make consolidating data easier. Use Google Docs to draft memos and flyers for the school. Google Hangouts is another Google application, which is specifically useful for administrators, as they can create groups and coordinate with the staff members easily for reminders and task updating.

School Management Software

School management software is the ultimate tool for administrators to optimize performance and responsibilities. According to the Guardian, an updated school management system can increase GCSE scores by 18 percent. School management software by RenWeb is an excellent tool since it provides powerful solutions to school administration by automating the system. Some school management software features include scheduling, attendance tracking, financial management and records, academic reporting, parent portal, classroom management, clinic management, cafeteria management, and behavioral management.

Parent Locker

Parent Locker is a cloud-based communication and administration portal for effective and regular communication between parents and teachers. According to Harvard Graduate School of Education, teacher-parent coordination helps improve the child’s academic and curricular performance. Since the parents can stay updated with their regular performance, they are more likely to pay attention to their well-being. The Parent Locker platform features data reports, homework updates, parent-teacher conference schedules, virtual meetings, staff management, exam enrollment, test scores, daily reports, attendance, and behavior management tracking.

Project Management Tool

This tool is one of the essential tools for school administrators and teachers since it helps create multiple assignments and tests in one go. Asana is a project management tool that helps keep track of staff progress, projects, and presentations, as well as live reporting. It is easy to navigate and assess and gives real-time updates on all tasks lined up. It also helps set reminders for any deadlines for the staff members.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a classic tool for virtual parent-teacher conferences. Setting face-to-face meetings could be hard to adjust for both parties, so Class Dojo helps them both schedule virtual meetings around their schedules. This tool also includes the option of sharing real-time school projects and assignments, test scores, and results, and digital portfolios of the child for the parents and teachers to discuss.

Textbook Tracker

This tool will help organize and track school textbooks and other school assets. It helps keep track of all school assets like stationery, reference books, or any other inventory item inside the school premises. It is like a virtual librarian monitoring all books in the school library.


It is important to stay updated with technological tools for your benefit and advancement in the administration field. These tools can help make running school operations seamless. You can easily learn the use of these tools and software online and easily set up these systems in your institutions. They will help you coordinate activities and tasks effectively and in real-time. They will help eliminate time management issues and keep you updated with the academic performance of your institution. The academic community might even appreciate you for your efficient school management skills and help you get ahead and excel in your academic career.


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