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DJ VIKI Love is a professional full-time DJ for 8 years. She understands her style, taste, energy and power very well. Her favorite thing in the world is to lift people from a regular to a happy state through music. DJ Viki Love’s musical background is very diverse; she has a classic music education which brought into her life piano and guitar, which she still uses for production and fun. Clubbing nights have brought her infinite love for house music.

She was born in a family of DJs, promoters, and clubbers. It was only natural that she started her career as a go-go dancer during her student years. Her main principles for the music are: groovy and anti-depressing.

4 years of winter residency in Thailand and dj tours through Asia taught her to work with all kinds of international crowds. 5 years in LA gave her the chance to play all kinds of music including open format (a lot of hip-hop and top-40). While Miami introduced her to trendy afro and organic houses.

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