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Things to do in North Charleston, SC


North Charleston is a historic city in South Carolina, being the site of several crop plantations and transport systems dating hundreds of years – the Ashley River, a major tourist attraction, runs through the city.

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What can you do in North Charleston?

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

The Magnolia Plantation dates back to the latter half of the 17th century, with the prestigious Drayton family at its center. Today the site features outstanding old American architecture, huge pieces of land covered with soothing flowerbeds, and various small bridges passing over water bodies sourced from the Ashley River.

North Charleston Fire Museum

The Fire Museum is a unique museum that houses firefighting vehicles and equipment from various times, utilized in the US; some are more than 200 years old! Today the well-maintained museum hosts retired and experienced firefighters who educate visitors and tourists about the vehicles and firefighting back in the day.

Charleston Harbor

The beautiful Charleston Harbor is at the Ashley River’s mouth with Morris and Sullivan’ Island on either side – two of the most visited tourist destinations in Charleston county. You can grab a seat at a nearby bar or restaurant and imbibe the fascinating river view.

Where should you eat in North Charleston?

Foodies have a lot to choose here. Here are a few of the popular tourist places you can try out.

Nigel’s Good Food

Nigel’s is located deep in North Charleston, frequented by many people – locals and tourists, you will have to wait for your turn. The restaurant serves some of the best southern cuisines – fried chicken bucket, classic American salad, and a big glass of your favourite drink – that’s your go-to menu.


At LoLA, treat your taste buds with some of the best seafood, not just in North Charleston but in the entire South Carolina state. The outlet serves Cajun-styled dishes; you should try the Cajun scallops, duck fries, shrimp fettuccine alfredo, and a pint of beer.

Mellow Mushroom

The best place for a fancy meal for vegans – Mellow Mushroom is a place you’ll never forget. Don’t skip on the following dishes – vegan cheese pizza, Kale salad, and a delicious Mujadara. Addressed at 4855 Tanger Outlet Blvd – the place is located close to the Cooper River.

Where can you stay in North Charleston, South Carolina?

Homewood Suites by Hilton

This facility is addressed at 7399 Northwoods Boulevard, in proximity to major tourist attractions and transport services. The rooms are neatly organized, comfortable and include all the necessary amenities. Other amenities include a pool, conference room, and an eatery. Rooms per day cost between $100-$200.

Stay Express Inn

Stay Express is a budget stay in North Charleston; it is located close to the international airport and popular sites like the Drayton Hall and Magnolia Plantation. The per-day room rate ranges between $50-$100. It’s one of the better places to stay in if you are on a budget.

Comfort Suites

Easily the best budget place to stay in North Charleston – Comfort Suites provide their customers with clean, comfortable rooms at attractive rates. The amenities include a swimming pool, a gym and a complimentary breakfast. It is in proximity to the Magnolia Plantation, Middleton Place, and Drayton Hall. The per-day rates range between $75-$125.


North Charleston is a popular getaway for individuals from the neighboring counties and the major cities of South Carolina – mainly because of the city’s historical significance and proximity to the river and the coast.

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