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The Way in Which Liz Elting Helps Translators


Liz Elting founded a translation agency in 1992 in an apartment in San Francisco with Phil Shawe, his one-time fiancee, in a cramped college dorm. Today, TransPerfect produces over $7 billion in revenue from over 10,000 customers, including AT&T, Walmart and Google.

Phil Shawe is a former accountant. He was a high school teacher for seven years and later worked in accounting. He now works as a translator of financial statements. Liz Elting is an American who has worked in business development for a large financial institution and also served as the managing director of a software firm.

Liz Elting Translations Business

The two met when Phil Shawe was working in a computer lab at the university where he attended. He noticed that a local woman knew something about the languages she was translating. She spoke them with such ease that he felt right at home. He invited her over to translate some documents for him.

Liz Elting was impressed by what she heard and encouraged Phil Shawe to start a translation business. When he did, he needed to find an English-speaking clientele for his business. This turned out to be a problem, but not a huge one.

Phil Shawe started in San Francisco, but later moved it to Laredo. He had a lot of trouble convincing potential clients that the company was legitimate, but he managed to make some good contacts. Some of them became regular translators, while others were unable to pay him. They eventually dropped their service.

Call Center that Translated Documents

To make up for these losses, Phil Shawe hired other people to translate documents for him. He managed to secure many of them, too. Then he set up a call center that translated documents and helped clients with technical aspects. Some of these people were able to work at a reasonable rate. He also made contact with the World Wide Web for publicity and to build a customer base.

Now, there are three people in the office who speak a different language. There are a couple of employees who speak Spanish. One is bilingual. They all understand the nuances of Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Spanish, which allows them to communicate with their clients in a way that their target market would understand.

Focusing on Goals

Liz Elting and Phil Shawe worked hard to keep their costs low so that they can focus on their goals. They have learned a lot about how to be very effective at finding the right clients and their clients know about the quality of work that they get.

Because Phil Shawe was able to get very good translators, he was able to provide excellent service. There is nothing like the feeling of getting an email from a professional who has worked hard to get the message across in a clear and accurate manner.

Variety of Translations Services

People can also reach out to Liz Elting. She has provided a variety of services. She can answer questions, offer advice on translations and even provide tips for those who don’t have English as their first language. She can also help people learn to speak a foreign language.

Phil Shawe said that the biggest advantage of being bilingual is that the two of them have become a part of the family of translators who have helped so many people. in so many ways.

She and Phil Shawe have been friends since they first started their business. As their business has expanded, they’ve developed a friendship that is unique and enduring. They talk every day, but don’t discuss private matters. Instead, they share the joys and struggles of their lives.

In fact, Phil Shawe once said that one of the best parts of their relationship is the way in which their friendship is helping them stay afloat. He said that it has been good for both of them.


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