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‘The Owl Home’ Overview: Season 2 Episode 8 “Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Hooty’s Door”



After so many intense and informative episodes in a row, I anticipated this most up-to-date episode of The Owl Home titled “Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Hooty’s Door” to be a extra enjoyable, filler episode. As an alternative, the episode was disguised to disclose many enormous moments and realizations amongst our leads. Hooty’s unintentional disasters as an alternative gave our heroes the perception they wanted to develop. 

The episode begins with Hooty writing a letter to Lilith in response to her most up-to-date letter as they turned pen buddies when Lilith left the Owl Home to spend time along with her mom. Hooty tells her that he feels disregarded whereas Luz, Eda and King are out on adventures. In her most up-to-date letter, she reminds Hooty that he’s the Owl Home and he takes care of everybody inside. 

Hooty greets everybody as they’re congregated in the lounge. King is having a second, clearly going by all of the feelings on account of his quest to seek out his father. Eda is freaking out with clothespins holding her eye lids up over Belos’ plans. She’s additional on edge on account of her being unable to guard Luz, King, and Hooty as a result of she has no magic now. Hooty tells her to not overwork herself as a result of the beast will come out. Luz snaps at everybody to cool down so the echo mouse will come out and assist her. She says “if he’s not blissful, I’ll by no means make my method into Amity’s coronary heart.” She catches herself and backtracks saying, ” I imply make a portal again dwelling.” She runs off. Hooty declares that he has a plan to assist everybody. 

King appears frantic as he goes by books making an attempt to determine what sort of demon he’s. Hooty tells King he’s going by demon puberty. King says the very last thing he needs from Hooty is a well being class. Hooty exhibits King a demon check chart to assist work out what form he’s. King offers in and Hooty begins his lesson. All demons are both Bug, Biped or Beast. They first check out Bug and see if he can dance. He fails. For the Biped check, he has to duel. He fails at that too. 

The one option to check Beast is thru a blood pattern. The blood check comes again inconclusive however Hooty throws King a celebratory get together for being him and that Hooty doesn’t have to know what sort of demon he’s in an effort to be his pal. King tells Hooty he doesn’t have to be taught to like himself and that he simply needs to know the place he comes from. He needs solutions. King grows sadder and madder at his dad for leaving him alone when abruptly he casts a large magical spell out of his mouth. Hooty runs off upset. 

Hooty tries to assist Eda subsequent. He’s apprehensive the beast will come out once more if she’s overworked and exhausted. Eda comes throughout a plate of cookies with a be aware from Hooty. She takes a chunk after which realizes there’s sleeping nettles within the cookies. She tells him it additionally heightens her goals which means she’ll be caught in her head with the Owl Beast. She realizes perhaps this can be a good alternative. She decides to show the tables and hang-out the Owl Beast for a change. As she goes to make a transfer on the beast, she abruptly finds herself up to now along with her mom and Lilith. Eda’s dad arrives and she or he runs to him. She abruptly realizes what second that is. A loud celebration popper triggers the beast inside Eda and she or he assaults her father. This time in management, she tosses the beast out the door and slams it shut. Now watching from her present age, she sees her youthful self and her injured father. The room breaks aside and she or he yells on the beast. She goes to punch it, when the room adjustments once more.

This time we arrive at a  second with Raine. They flinch seeing Eda’s raised fist. Eda realizes what this second is just too. Raine tells Eda they’re becoming a member of the Bard Coven. Eda tells the beast this time she’s in management, however when Raine breaks up along with her, the beast comes out once more. Raine grows scared seeing the curse in actual time take over. Present Eda tells previous Eda to cease pushing them away. Raine disappears and the beast reappears. Eda assaults the beast, leaping on its again saying it was all it’s fault and telling it to cease ruining her life. 

The subsequent flashback seems. We see Eda in Beast type get captured. She manages to flee a hooded determine. As she flies away, her wings start to dissipate and she or he falls into the ocean. She abruptly turns right into a scroll of paper. A person picks the scroll up off the seaside, thinks nothing of it, and tosses it into his bag. We then see present Eda on the seaside, a purple rope attaching her to the beast because it tries to fly away and escape. It offers up and falls into the sand on the seaside. 

Picture Credit score: Disney Channel

An elixir washes ashore. Eda tells the beast neither of them need to be there. If they will’t settle for one another, the nightmare won’t ever finish. Eda arms the owl beast a little bit of the elixir providing a truce. The beast laps the liquid in her hand and curls up on her. The sky abruptly turns into a colourful evening sky and Eda says she’s by no means had a dream this gorgeous earlier than. Eda abruptly wakes up in beast type. She sees herself within the mirror and realizes she’s extra human than ever within the transformation. She twirls round and loves the brand new look. Hooty sees her emerge from her goals within the new type, freaks out, pondering he made it worse, and runs off. Eda continues to be very keen on herself now. 

In her room, Luz asks the echo mouse learn how to ask out Amity, calling her  “a cotton sweet haired goddess.” Hooty realizes her coronary heart is torn between going dwelling to her mom and her love for Amity. Luz tells the mouse that Amity must be requested out in a particular method. She doesn’t need Amity to assume she’s tacky. Hooty leaves a be aware for Luz telling her to go to the basement. Luz’s first response was, “We have now a basement?” 

Within the basement Luz thinks she sees Amity, however it’s only a lamp. All of the sudden she realizes Amity is within the basement. Amity asks Luz the place they’re and tells her that Hooty introduced her there. Blushing, Luz apologies. Amity brings up “what occurred at my place” aka the kiss and she or he begins to ask if they will overlook it ever occurred. Luz cuts her off earlier than getting the possibility to answer, saying she’ll assist get Amity out of the basement. The ground abruptly offers method. The 2 embrace one another in worry, blushing, and fall by the door within the ground as Hooty watches from above. 

They land in a pile of coronary heart formed pillows and Luz burns one realizing what Hooty is making an attempt to do. She runs off the pile of pillows and sees a be aware from Hooty. It says the one method out is thru the tunnel of affection. Luz seems up as a tunnel of affection is abruptly lit up by lights. Luz fears Amity will assume she’s a loser for it. Hooty grabs the 2 and places them on his again which is now within the form of a swan boat. As they undergo the tunnel Luz covers her face mortified. Amity seems round loving it, her entire face blushes. She begins fixing her hair. 

Luz tries to dam Amity from seeing indicators and messages of affection for Amity. She apologizes to Amity for what Hooty did. Amity begins to look dejected as Luz tries to destroy the whole lot with glyphs. Amity walks off on the finish of the trip with out trying again. Luz calls the trip silly, making an attempt to play it cool. Amity replies saying “I imply us courting? That’s silly, proper?” Luz gasps and Hooty begins screaming and crying saying he did it once more saying he can’t assist anybody. 

Hooty begins to attempt to rip himself out of the home, sobbing and screaming “rid this home of thyself!” King tries to calm Hooty down however Hooty tries even more durable to take away himself. Eda feels the home shaking and sees King fall off the roof. She flies to him in time and rescues him. They then marvel the place Luz is. They then see Luz and Amity emerge from the basement confused, asking what’s taking place. Simply then a bit of the roof breaks away from the home. Luz and Amity cower in it’s shadow because it heads in direction of them. King screams “no!”, releasing a spell which shatters the particles earlier than it crushes the 2. The explosion and mud flip the sky purple and sparkly. Luz and Amity take a look at it in marvel. They then take a look at one another. Eda asks if King did that and he realizes he has an influence now. 

Eda flies the 2 right down to Luz and Amity to verify they’re okay. Luz feedback that she loves the brand new type of Eda. Hooty continues freaking out saying he failed all of them. Eda and King every clarify to Hooty that he really helped them. They ask Luz what he was making an attempt to assist her with. Luz abruptly begins to sweat, trying again at Amity. She takes a deep breath composing herself a bit and whispers to Eeda and King that he was making an attempt to assist her ask Amity out. Eda encourages her to do it. Luz begins to blush once more, questioning if she actually needs to do it whereas Hooty is having a tantrum. Eda tells her she may also help with that, reminding Luz that it doesn’t should be excellent. Eda flies off grabbing Hooty and pulls him away from the home. 

Picture Credit score: Disney Channel

Luz helps Amity up, ensuring she’s okay. Luz explains that she was making an attempt to give you one thing excellent for Amity and that she felt Amity was too cool for the tunnel of affection. Luz blushes and Amity begins blushing, saying she’s not as cool as Luz thinks. Luz builds up the braveness to talk when abruptly Amity bursts out saying “Do you need to exit with me!?” Luz says she was nearly to be prepared and Amity tells her she will be able to go forward. Luz asks Amity if she needs to exit along with her. (!!!!!) Amity screams sure and the 2 take a look at one another for a beat. Luz bashfully seems to the facet and slowly raises her hand to Amity. They embrace arms and confess that it nonetheless feels scary.

In the home, Hooty winds up his letter to Lilith. He tells her that King might not know the place he got here from however he’s studying extra about himself every day. We see King training his new voice powers. Hooty then tells Lilith that Eda’s embraced changing into Harpy Eda and has accepted the Owl Beast as a part of her now. He then says that Luz’s girlfriend has helped her retrieve extra info from the echo mouse. He calls them lovable. He additionally tells Lilith he’s by no means permits to try to assist anybody once more, however acknowledges that he was a genius! 

Hooty places the completed letter within the mail asserting that the whole lot is solved and that there are not any extra mysteries. A determine then approaches him. He arms Hooty a letter, asking him to make sure it makes its option to King Clawthorne. We then see this seems to be the determine we noticed on the finish of final week’s episode who noticed kings reside video. A bug lands on the letter and Hooty freaks out, swallowing it and the letter instantly. Hoot jokes, saying he hopes that it was simply unsolicited mail… HOOTY!!!!!!!

This episode caught me off guard for thus many causes! Like I stated earlier, I anticipated this to be a extra filler sort episode the place we obtained a shaggy dog story with Hooty making an attempt to assist, however getting in the way in which. As an alternative we obtained such a deal with! This episode was humorous, heartfelt, and full of huge moments. It felt like the right place within the story for all of it to occur too. With just a few episodes left on this half of the season, it obtained everybody to some extent the place now they will use what they gained this week to assist them in the long term. 

King remains to be on his quest to seek out his father and work out who he’s, and why he’s the one certainly one of his form that he is aware of. The truth that he now has this magical energy goes to be an enormous enhance to his journey. He’s seeing progress now. That is additionally along with the truth that the determine who resembles him a bit from final week’s episode made an try to succeed in out to King. We’ll see if Hooty is ready to ship the letter, as on this episode each time he swallowed somebody, they had been ultimately capable of be freed. Possibly somebody will encounter the letter. They’d higher discover it. I want extra solutions!! Oh and King wants them too! 

Eda’s been battling the Owl Beast inside her since she was a child and but on account of Hooty, she’s now been capable of embrace it for the primary time in her life. She’s by no means been capable of confront the beast. We’ve solely seen her run away from it when she’s trapped in her personal head. Seeing Eda go into her previous too was actually fascinating. She’s harm folks and pushed them away due to the curse. Now she will be able to see that she was flawed and may have confronted it head on. She’s a robust individual and now transferring ahead, the 2 working collectively might be a a lot better expertise for Eda. I ponder if Lilith can even be capable of embrace her curse. She’s a lot newer to it, so she doesn’t share the identical horrors Eda suffered by most of her life. 

I liked seeing Luz all excited and nervous about build up the arrogance to lastly ask Amity out. When it got here right down to it, Amity felt the identical method. I liked the truth that as soon as they made it official, they confessed that they each are nonetheless scared. No less than they now have one another to be there and get by their fears as a pair. It was such an vital second. It will now assist each of them calm a few of their nerves going ahead additionally. They’ve each been so on edge, caught in their very own feeling that they had been afraid to admit to the opposite. Amity can calm down a bit now, particularly that she’s grown into a way more assured one that is now capable of go for what she needs and never all the time observe together with what others need. This can even give Luz the chance to give attention to discovering a method dwelling. She’ll nonetheless be conflicted concerning the two lives she needs to reside concurrently, however no less than she’ll have Amity now along with her in her nook together with Eda, King and Hooty. 

Hoot’s main freak out every helped the group discover what they actually wanted. It was a fantastic play on his chaotic power. I additionally liked the way it was all framed within the type of a letter to Lilith, who has remained a pen pal, confirming their greatest buddies standing. It additionally exhibits how a lot Lilith has grown and nonetheless needs to know whats taking place, even when she’s not round. We most likely wont see Hooty in such an enormous function once more on account of him not being allowed to ever assist once more, however he’ll nonetheless all the time have everybody greatest curiosity at coronary heart. 

This season is simply flying by. There have been so many enormous moments, and there may be nonetheless an entire second half of the season but to come back. I can solely think about it’s going to proceed to ramp up from right here on out. They want to determine learn how to cease Belos, learn how to get Luz dwelling to her mother and assist King discover his dad and who he actually is. This plus all the opposite little bits we’ve seen alongside the way in which like Raine being captured, Hunter questioning issues, and Lilith’s analysis. There’s a lot happening! I’m so excited to proceed this journey. This season is on hearth and I completely can’t look forward to subsequent week!

The Owl Home Season 2 airs Saturday mornings on Disney Channel. New episodes might be streamed on Disney Now.


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