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The Know How: Choosing Between Etsy Vs Amazon

Etsy Vs Amazon


At the beginning of the year, Etsy and Amazon were battling it out for supremacy in the handmade crafts market. They have been steadily increasing their user base over the past few years and, if they continue their growth trends, will soon be the biggest player in the craft industry. Etsy, however, has had even greater success recently. It recently surpassed Amazon to become the biggest market for handmade crafts online. So, what is behind the success?

The Best Customer Service

Well, some people attribute Etsy’s success to high shipping fees and a shorter customer service time frame. Amazon, on the other hand, says it offers the best customer service and low shipping fees. It’s easy to see why shoppers on either website would choose them over the other. However, as with everything else, both have advantages or disadvantages that might make them better or worse for each consumer. You can check here the detailed article about Etsy vs Amazon.

Pros And Cons for Both

Etsy vs Amazon – As with most things in life, there are pros and cons for both Etsy and Amazon when it comes to the way they operate their online business. Etsy has been around longer than Amazon, so it has the advantage of many years of experience and a proven system. While the application process can be a little slow at times, it usually gives you results in just a few days. And, while their shipping fee is a little higher than Amazon, the fee isn’t prohibitive and is one of the lowest they offer.

As far as the services go, both sites offer pretty good customer service. Their policies are fair and their exchange policy is quick and easy. Etsy is also expanding its seller’s directory, which gives buyers more options when it comes to finding someone to sell their products to. So, even though both sites have similar service goals, the way their operation works may make one site better than the other when it comes to choosing where to sell products on the internet.

Etsy vs Amazon

Etsy Vs Amazon – When it comes to the big picture, Etsy beats Amazon when it comes to sheer numbers. They have been listed online since 2021 and have a daily active user base of over four hundred thousand. Of course, this number is only for people who use the site to sell their products. eBay has a daily active membership of almost ten million and has even more daily active users. While Etsy doesn’t have a figure available, Amazon’s commerce site does have more than thirty million active members.

Etsy vs Amazon – Artists can list any kind of handmade item on the site, whether it is vintage goods, greeting cards, jewelry, or pottery. Furthermore, they do not limit their listings to one category. Selling one’s handmade goods in addition to selling vintage products is also possible. Most sellers on Etsy do not specialize in one category of handmade art. Instead, they choose to offer everything from knick-knacks and souvenirs to abstract art and paintings.

Artists Can Also Sell Their Art

Etsy Vs Amazon – Artists can also sell their art on the site, including jewelry, framed art prints, and photos. However, there are limitations when it comes to selling your work on the website. Etsy strictly prohibits the selling of homemade clothing, handmade crafts, and edible goods (including jams, jellies, salsa, and candies). In addition, sellers cannot list any item that requires the buyer to mail expensive packing and shipping fees. Also, sellers cannot advertise for more than two weeks and must include buyer information on each listing.

Many other factors come into play when it comes to selling your art on the online auction platform, but these two are some of the basics. Before you decide how you want to sell on Etsy, consider what your selling experience has been so far. If you have a thriving business selling handcrafted items, then selling on Etsy may not be a problem for you. But if you are a beginner or a novice in the handcrafted arts, then you may want to give eBay a try. Either way, you will have a great selling experience either way.


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