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The Benefits of Heated Weighted Blankets

Heated Weighted Blankets


Heated blankets can be a good way to keep you warm in the coldest nights of winter. These blankets work on the same idea that the old-fashioned heating coils used to do, but instead of heating air, they heat up your body with electricity. These blankets have two different settings: a low setting to start the warming process, and a high setting to actually use the heat generated by your body.


The first benefit of these heated weighted blankets is that they are very inexpensive. Compared to other types of blankets, they are quite cost-effective. They also take up less space, are easy to store, and don’t have to be plugged in or heated up nightly as some electric blankets do. Electric blankets also usually come with warranties so they are more durable than blankets that are not protected by warranties.


Another benefit to using heated blankets is that they are comfortable to use. Because they use electricity to heat the blanket, it doesn’t get hot when you use it. Instead, it only feels cold to the touch. This makes it more comfortable to wear and allows people to sleep longer because they don’t feel cold when they get up.

Many people wonder if they are warm enough when using heated blankets. There are many brands of heated blankets and they all vary in how much heat they generate. Some will feel cold to the touch, while others will feel cold as soon as they touch your body. Most heated weighted blankets will be between forty-five and fifty degrees, which is very comfortable for most people.

You can buy electric heated blankets at most stores. If you want to shop online though, you are going to find that there are a lot of choices to choose from. There are different brands of electric heated blankets and each one has a lot of different features. You might need something that has both an electronic control and a thermostat to keep track of your personal temperatures.

Medical Benefits

Some of the best heated weighted blankets are made with medical benefits in mind. Doctors and nurses recommend using heated blankets when performing massage therapy on patients. The heated blanket is such a great alternative to using a straight electric pad because the blanket helps to relax the patient and relaxes the muscles. The heating sensation promotes circulation and accelerates recovery.

Prevent Sore Muscles

Some people use heated blankets to prevent sore muscles. They use them after they get out of bed in the morning, when they feel tired and after exercising. Many people use them after sports and even when they have been sick. You can put a blanket on your back and legs to get the same comfort as you would from a comforter. This is especially convenient if you have sore muscles all over your body.

Heated weighted blankets can help you relieve muscle pain, sore joints, and even improve your circulatory system. With the advancements we are seeing in this field, it is not surprising that more people are incorporating heated blankets into their pain management techniques. They can provide you with so much help. Just make sure that you find one that is made with high quality material and that you follow all of the safety guidelines. Most of them are safe for use under a physician’s care.

More Benefits

We all know that gravity blankets work by keeping you weight on your side, thus preventing you from moving around. By controlling your body weight you are able to keep your joints from stiffening up, thus reducing pain and stiffness in those areas. We all know how hard it is to move around. Having to stop and catch your breath every few minutes just to move your arm or leg can cause you major discomfort. With gravity blankets you can move around gently and not be held back by the weight of your body.

Another benefit of these blankets is the deep pressure touch therapy. This form of deep pressure touch therapy is a great way to relieve stress. When you have major anxiety attacks, it is very common for you to be gripped with extreme anxiety and fear. These feelings usually lead to major pain that may even blind you from seeing or feeling things around you. If you incorporate a heated blanket into your daily routine, you can greatly reduce the amount of times that you feel the need to reach for the ice cream or the remote control because of the extreme level of pain you are experiencing.

Many people experience extremely painful symptoms due to the way they feel when they are stressed or anxious. For example, having too much anxiety about an upcoming exam or social event can lead to excruciating pain, or extreme levels of pain during an anxiety attack. By using a heated blanket, you can greatly reduce the amount of time that you spend feeling intense pain and anxiety because of the deep pressure touch therapy you receive from the weighted blankets.

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