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Teaching in China 2022



You should consider an English teaching job in China if you are enthusiastic about gaining teaching experience outside the country. Teaching in China offers many opportunities. Beyond just teaching, you get to enjoy all the beautiful cultural aspects of the city. These features make it easy to fall in love with China, its people, and its culture. The primary role for foreign teachers in the country is the ESL job.

English as a Second Language ESL is the option for native or fluent English speakers to teach non-native or non-fluent students to speak the language. With more communication demands between the country and the rest of the world, the Chinese government has invested heavily in training their students to master the more versatile English language. Here are a few points to know about this teaching opportunity in China.

Teaching requirements in China in 2022

Recently, the Asian country has welcomed more foreigners than usual, especially those looking for English teaching jobs. This has resulted in the quick growth of the country’s teaching industry. As this teaching industry rises, so also does the demand for excellent teaching. There are several new requirements expected of ESL teachers by the country. Some of these requirements are

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • TEFL/TESOL/CELTA. You can substitute any of these three with a teaching certificate
  • You must be free of any criminal charges or activities in your home country
  • For females, you must not be older than 55, and for males, 60
  • A passport from a native English-speaking country is a must. Alternatively, your country must have certified you as a teacher

Chinese teaching jobs available

Foreign teachers looking to find English teaching jobs in China can try these as possible routes. They include; international schools, training centers, and public schools. Although these three choices differ in qualities, you can compare and contrast them to know the most suitable for you.

International schools in China

Teaching in a Chinese international school shouldn’t be difficult once you apply as a qualified teacher from your country of origin. You should also possess a minimum of two years of experience in the field. This qualification allows you to handle any subject in English since the school focuses on teaching and educating students aspiring to further their studies abroad. However, you should not forget that Chinese international schools require other higher qualifications, and they also have better pay for their employed teachers.

Training centers in China

An ESL job in China isn’t as difficult as some people may think when you opt for a training center to begin your teaching career. It is usual for private centers to operate during the weekends or at late times within the week. They also offer afternoon classes. Although some teachers find this option suitable, you should not forget that you may not have a consistent schedule if you choose this option. Choosing this option of teaching comes in several directions. You can begin with an IELTS prep, teach the English writing, or teach only English speaking skills or accent and pronunciation training.

Additionally, broader teaching is common in training centers than in public schools. Training centers do not have many classes like the public schools. You may be provided with 4-8 pupils on average. At times, it may be a one-on-one class with a student.

Public schools

Most English teaching jobs in China result from higher absorption of English teachers in Chinese public schools, making it a better option to consider when seeking a job. There is a high chance you will end up as an alternative teacher in a public school as the students have grammar teachers taking them towards their preparation for exams. Being employed in a Chinese public school will not require you to just teach basic speaking skills. Your responsibilities as an oral teacher will require you to explore more in-depth English language structures in the class. You may be offered a position to teach once or twice weekly or on a full-time basis every day of the week.

Compared to other Chinese teaching jobs, you will face a higher number of students in the public schools, ranging from 30 to 50 class sizes. Lastly, if you will work five days a week (Monday to Friday) as a teacher in a public school, you will be expected to resume at 8 am and work till 4 pm. You will, however, enjoy an hour and a half lunch break. This is a better option to consider if you are looking for a job with a regular schedule of activities and a consistent paycheck.

Chinese teaching job applications

The readiness to apply for an ESL job is the first step to take. Applications are not very tedious as long as you have what is required.

First, there is the option of direct application. With the direct application, you can better interact with many HR departments that need foreign teachers. You get to show your skills to your direct employers and make better negotiations and findings from the start.

Secondly, you can apply through a recruiter. Recruiters are great, especially if you are just starting your career in foreign teaching.

Finally, you can apply via a Chinese foreign teaching program. These programs are channeled at finding teachers for specific qualifications and expertise. They are much easier to gain a job. It is also the most popular way for foreign teachers to apply.


Having explained everything you need to know about getting an ESL job in China, it is time to weigh in upon your options. As a recommendation, we advise that you take the time to explore various schools or locations in the country that seem more appealing to you. It is also good to get a feel of the general pay rate and benefits offered across different cities and schools. Although it may not seem easy to get an English teaching job in China, it is not impossible. If you go through the right agency or follow the right procedures, you will likely achieve success.


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