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Sydney Brooke Simpson: Everything You Need to know

Sydney Brooke Simpson Bio, Net worth, Age and Everything You Need to know


Sydney Brooke Simpson

There are a lot of people who became famous primarily because of their parents with their parents being among celebs and Sydney Brooke Simpson is one of such examples. Born on October 17, 1985, Sydney Brooke Simpson is an American national and daughter of famous professional American Football player and actor and broadcaster, Orenthal James, who was formally known as O.J Simpson.

O.J Simpson received world attention while he was being interrogated for a murder case for which he was accused in 1994. Sydney Brooke Simpson currently is living in St.Petersburg, Florida along with her younger brother and is running her own business as a real estate agent.

Early Life Of Sydney Brooke Simpson:

If we talk about early life, Sydney Brooke Simpson was born as a first child to O.J. Simpson to his second wife, Nicole Brown. Both started dating in 1977 while Nicole was working as a waitress. Let it be pointed out that O.J. Simpson was married while they were dating. Getting divorced from his first wife, O.J.

Simpson and Nicole Brown got married and gave birth to their first Sydney child later that year. After three years of their marriage, Nicole gave birth to their second child, a baby boy who was named Ryan Simpson. Unfortunately, the marriage could last only for seven years and they got divorced in 1992. Mr. O.J. Simpson had to survive two divorces.

Net worth and Assets of Sydney Brooke Simpson:

Sydney Brooke Simpson has always been seen as an active individual when it comes to business. She started her career as a real estate agent and in a short time, she made fame and fortune both. According to credible sources, her net worth has been estimated at around $ 500,000 which speaks of a successful profile. Besides, the stated assets, she has got a personal home as well which is located in St.Petersburg, Florida. 

Sydney Brooke Simpson’s Personal Life:

When we talk about the personal life of Sydney Brooke Simpson’s personal life, it has been observed that she is not fond of social life and social media that much. She loves to keep a distance from the general masses and seems to relish her privacy. However, there are reports that she has been dating one Robert Blackmon, her brother’s friend, and a real estate investor.

But her brother opines that they are just good friend and refused to accept if they the couple was having anything like a love affair. One of her love affairs has been reported with Stuart Alexander Lee that lasted for 5 years between 2007 and 2017. Whatever her past love life, the fact is Sydney Brooke Simpson is currently single and has no children from her past relationship.

Bio and Physical Statistics of Sydney Brooke Simpson:

In terms of physical beauty, no doubt Sydney Brooke Simpson is has got a gorgeous personality with long brown hair and shaded brown hazel eyes. She is 5 ft 8 inches and with 152 lbs (69 kgs) weight, she has got a beautiful chubby body shape. Her other vital body statistics are yet to be known as they have not been revealed to the public.

Sydney Brooke Simpson’s Academics:

When it comes to her education, Sydney Brooke Simpson has received her education as a bona fide student at an academy known as Gulliver Academy. After graduating from Gulliver, she got enrolled at Boston University. That’s how she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the University’s College of Arts and Sciences Department, Boston University.

Sydney Brooke Simpson’s Professional Career:

Thanks to early turbulent childhood, Sydney Brooke Simpson took refuge in her private life and made a very little in the spotlight. Having graduated, she started doing different jobs that started with the role of Events Coordinator at Canoe in Atlanta. But after her contract was over, she wouldn’t renew it, instead, she started her own real estate business following her mother.

The new business made her relocate to St.Petersburg, Florida where she established her own real estate company to be known as Simpsy Properties, LLC back in 2014. With the help of her younger brother Justin Ryan soon after one year, she became successful in establishing her own mini-real estate empire. Besides, she turned so successful in the real estate business that now she owns three properties which she has rented out and also a restaurant.

Sydney Brooke Simpson’s Tragedy:

The well-known tragedy of the Simpson family affected Sydney Brooke as well. It was the double murder of her mother Nicole and her second husband Ron Goldman. The two were found dead outside Nicole’s apartment in Los Angeles in 1994. Sydney Brooke’s father, O.J.Simpson was highly suspected for the double murder and he was arrested, interrogated but was found not guilty and was acquitted on October 3, 1995.

Sydney Brooke Simpson’s Life After The Tragedy:

By the time the tragedy hit the Simpson family, Sydney Brooke was just nine years old. So she lost her real mother at the age of nine. A well-known figure, her father was highly focussed on the trial. It was one of the most publicized lawsuits of US history, so both of the Simpson kids were brought into the spotlight at a very tender age that there were not ready for at all. As a result, both of the siblings, later on, adopted a quiet private life out of the clutches of media.

Sydney Brooke Simpson’s relationship with her father:

After the tragedy hit her family, Sydney Brooke along with her brother Ryan moved to her mother’s family that is, Brown’s family in Los Angeles although the O.J.Simpson family did share the custody of the two kids. After the acquittal, O.J.Simpson remained a person to be suspected of the murder.

Later on, he had to spend nine years in jail on the charges of deadly weapons, kidnapping, criminal conspiracy, assault, and robbery. Thanks to such a situation, both of the kids refused to see their father. Later on, O.J.Simpson admitted that they had no relationship with his kids.

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