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A Step-by-Step Guide to Paraphrase your Writing

Paraphrase your Writing Guide


Paraphrasing is the technique of changing the words and sentences of someone else’s or your writing. For paraphrasing a sentence or a whole paper, you need to rewrite it without playing with the actual meaning of the content.

Paraphrasing can be considered as an alternative to quotation or citation. In the quotation, the context that you copy needs to be written within quotation marks while in a citation, you need to mention the original publication details along with the content.

Paraphrasing is an alternative as it shows the same thoughts but different wording. In most writing like in academics, the use of quotations is excessive is not allowed and, in this situation, paraphrasing can be helpful.

Paraphrasing is not an easy task as you have to keep the original meaning and, in this regard, it has different practices that are important.

In this article, we will discuss some of these essentials for paraphrasing which will help you to keep the writing high-quality.

How to paraphrase?

People consider paraphrasing as an easy task because you just need to change the words by their synonyms but in actuality, this is some kind of difference.

Paraphrasing is although the changing of the words by their synonyms but this sometimes may not keep the meaning of the original content.

Below, we have mentioned the steps, you need to rephrase a context:

·      Read the source multiple times

When you are thinking to paraphrase content manually then it is necessary to read the source multiple times to get the concept of what the author is saying.

“The more you understand a content, the more you paraphrase well”.

Whether you understand the writing in the first turn, you should still consider revising it because this will let you understand the missing sentences.

Reading more and more will increase the understanding and this will also help you to understand the actual tone of the author.

·      Note key points

During your revision of reading, you should consider taking the key points and note them down on a piece of paper.

This is one of the best practices and will lead you to write on each of the headings that you have read. For example, when you start writing, you can easily know which of the heading you read and on which of the heading you have to write.

Note key points

Remember, it is beneficial when you compare the original context and the key points which you have sort out.

·      Start writing from these key points

Now, the phase of writing comes. In writing, the best way to have unique content is to write without looking at the original content.

If you look at the source then there are chances that your content will involve plagiarism and the paraphrasing will not be effective.

Although you can read the key concepts and then write because this will help you cover every fact of the context that you have read previously.

Writing is the most important part of the writing because the writing should be done effectively in a way that doesn’t change the original meaning of the author.

When you are selecting the synonyms for your writing then you should acknowledge the words that are effective and makes better sense.

This is because an ineffective selection will ruin the original concept of the writing and this way, the writing gets out of the topic.

·      Compare original and paraphrased writing

Once you are done with your writing, you need to compare your writing with the original text to find the mistakes in your thoughts.

Whether you have changed the sentence structure of your writing, you should have the unique words, not the one that is written in the source as it would cause plagiarism.

By comparing the original, you would also know which part of the source you haven’t written. During this comparison, if you find any mistakes or similar content, you can make some modifications to adjust the errors.

·      Check Plagiarism

After paraphrasing manually, you need to scan your content with an authentic plagiarism checker because it will lead you to know whether your content is unique or matched with the source.

The Plagiarism checker is the online tool that compares your writing with the indexed content over the internet.

Check Plagiarism

After checking plagiarism, if it discovers the plagiarized content then you should consider changing these sentences or use the citation method to avoid any consequences.

It would be better to cite the paraphrased content because it would be a credit to the original author for the efforts, he/she made in researching and writing the content.

·      Use an online Paraphrasing tool (Alternative to manual paraphrasing)

The above method was described for manual paraphrasing but there is another method to rephrase your context.

There are online tools to paraphrase text which are much more efficient than the manual way. This is because the advancement of technology has enabled the tools to understand the concept of the writing and then paraphrase while maintaining the actual meaning of the writing.

Several online paraphrasing tools work on the technology of artificial intelligence and they are best because they work to keep the original meaning while making your content unique.

These tools just take moment to convert while some of the efficient tools also offer the option of changing the changed words by their word.

For example, the below image of a paraphrase tool shows how you can easily change the rephrased word by the suggestion of the tools or by entering your word:



Paraphrasing is a great way for different reasons like making your content unique or writing your assignment without spending time much on the research.

Comparing both of the methods mentioned above, both of the methods are effective for the writer to make their writing unique and easy to understand.

Using an online paraphrasing tool, you can easily generate content that can be used for any purpose including assignments, blog posts, web content, or even freelance writing.

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