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Small Room Color Ideas – Best Ways to Add Personality to Small Spaces

Small Room Color Ideas


Small rooms and spaces are quite practical and cozy. You’re mistaken if you think you can’t do much in small areas. You can maximize your space by executing the right colors and unique decor. So, here are some remarkable ways to add colors and personality to small spaces.


Let’s have a look!

Pick Light Monochromes


One of the best ways to make small spaces look bigger is by adding monochrome colors. Mix and match wall colors will create partitions and make your room look more confined. Some of the best hues for small spaces are:


  • Earthy tones
  • Lilac, blues, and pastel shades
  • Neutrals like white, cream, off-white, and beige.


Natural, earthy whites and pastels can do wonders for a small space. Of course, you can add some character with decor having various patterns and colors.

Add Space Efficient Wall Arts to add Personality

It’s advisable not to add decor to small spaces which use floor space. Instead, small spaces require a versatile wall decor that provides a focal point, texture, and drama. Some of the most popular wall decor options are:


One of the most brilliant ways to add personality to your small space is through canvas wall art. They look very premium and very affordable. In addition, they are easy to install and are available in all patterns and prints. Wall decor like serene dandelion canvas artwork will instantly add additional colors, focal points, and layering to your space.


Mirrors are very practical and decorative elements for small spaces. Mirrors reflect light to darker places giving the illusion of a large area. In addition, you can go for minimalist frameless mirrors or ornate french mirrors with metallic borders. Hang them on a significant wall, above furniture, etc.


Boho-chic items like macrame wall hangings and some woven art are perfect textiles. It makes your space cozy and looks very comforting. In addition, various handmade artistic tapestries complement different interior designs. For example, Moroccan prints, mandalas, macrame plant hangings, Celtic drawings, etc.

Photo Prints


Add a dash of personalization to your room by mounting photo prints of your special moments on the wall. You can choose canvas photo prints, polaroid hangings, posters, etc. Instead of placing photo frames, use wall space to make the perfect personalization corner. It will showcase your personality and make your room feel more welcoming.


A large vintage clock can be an accent piece in your space. This idea is both functional and attractive. Mount it at the center of the wall to create a focal point. It’s a suitable option for wall decor when you don’t want to experiment much. You can Visit Official site for more ideas.

Add Functional Storage on the Wall

Instead of adding more floor storage, you can shift a bit to the wall. You can opt for a ledge, floating shelves of attractive shapes on the wall. You can keep books, small plants, aromatic candles, etc., on them. They look aesthetically pleasing and uplevel the look of any small space.

Revamp Your Curtains to Create Illusion

Do you know a little curtain fix can make your room look bigger? So hang curtains as tall as you can and go for full-length curtains. Invest in light shades. Try to choose a material that is flowy and light. It will give an illusion of tall ceilings. Another trick is to match the color of the walls and curtains. It will represent uniformity and look good in small spaces.

Last but not least ( Declutter)

Before adding decor and revamping your room, get rid of clutter. Remove all the junk and elements that you don’t need anymore. This clean-up process will give you a fair idea and help you decorate your room smartly!

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