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Small Random Acts of Kindness Ideas


There is no definitive answer to this question as it can vary from person to person. However, some possible definitions of “small random acts of kindness” could include thinking of someone when you’re not expecting it, sending a kind message, or taking the time to listen. Acts of kindness are very important when it comes to life coaching.

Some possible examples of small acts of kindness could be:

  • buying someone a coffee
  • lending an ear when they need to talk
  • filling up their water bottle when they’re out walking
  • writing a quick message of encouragement

More are listed below:

For Strangers

For Strangers is a simple but powerful way to show kindness to others. It can be as simple as smiling at someone or saying hello, or it can be more involved, like lending an ear when someone is feeling down or helping out with a difficult task. The key is to choose something that strikes your interest and feels meaningful to you and to do it often.

For Co-Workers & Friends

Random Acts of Kindness are simple things we can do to help others and make our day a little bit better. They could be as small as bringing someone their lunch or lending a listening ear, or as large as spending time helping someone out with a difficult task. Whatever the case may be, just encourage each other to take on some Random Acts of Kindness throughout the day.

For Neighbors

Random Acts of Kindness for neighbors can be as simple as a smile, offering to help carry groceries, or just praising their effort when they clean up against the curb. Every little bit counts and can make a big difference in helping to create a friendly neighborhood.

For Student & Teachers

Random Acts of Kindness can be a great way for teachers to take some time for themselves and feel good about their work. By doing random acts of small kindnesses, teachers can help build relationships with their students, create a more positive school atmosphere, and show that they care about their job and the people in it. Some of them are listed below:

  • Saying hello to students when you see them in the hallway, and asking how their day went.
  • Giving a hard-working student who made good grades but wasn’t overly involved in class an extra reward for a job well done. (now it’s up to you whether or not the reward should be food.
  • Sending letters of thanks or compliments on special occasions such as when students are moving into different levels at school or graduating from graduation ceremonies.

In addition some Random Acts of Kindness that can be performed for teachers:

  • Putting a HUGE smile on their face by making themselves “feel special” like giving them flowers, cookies, or any treat that puts you in the mood.
  • Remember to bring it back full circle so they can make someone else feel good as well.
  • Be there when needed most. During times of stress and pressure at school, is an opportunity to lean on your teacher friend more than anyone.

For Loved Ones

  • Smile at someone you don’t know – it can brighten their day!
  • Make your lunch for the week and bring it with you to work – it will save you time and money!
  • Compliment someone’s outfit – they may not even know it, but it will make them feel good!
  • Compliment a friend on their new endeavor.


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