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Sign Documents Online – A Brief Introduction

Sign Documents Online


What exactly is an e-signed signature? An e-signed signature is simply a way of physically signing something electronically, instead of hand writing it. It is commonly used on electronic documents which demonstrate the signer’s intent to sign electronically and do so digitally. Before becoming so fascinated with it, its easy to understand why millions of internet users love it so much; after all, it does involve a lot less risk than having to actually hand write a document.

The biggest benefit of e-signed signatures is their security. Handwritten signatures can be easily copied and altered. Digital signatures stay exactly the same, and you cannot make any changes to them since they are stored digitally. That means if someone tries to forge your signature in some way, they would have no way to know it was ever created in the first place; not to mention how easily they could fake it.

Actually Representing Yourself

In addition to the security issue of signatures created digitally, another huge advantage to using an electronic signature is the fact that signing documents online is legally binding. If you were to sign legal documents offline, such as a tax return, for example, you might be able to do so, but chances are you will be immediately pulled in front of a courthouse and questioned about whether or not you were actually representing yourself when you signed the document, or not. Signing electronically eliminates that possibility. Online signing documents are considered legally binding, and they can only be signed by the person who was actually intended to sign, which makes for a much smoother process of legally binding documents.

Another big plus when using electronic signatures are the speed of the signing process. Because no two computers are alike, each computer processes the signature at a different time. This means when you sign documents online, they are processed BEFORE you sign them, which drastically cuts down on any time involved in the legal process. This saves money in the long run because you aren’t paying fees for a lawyer just to look over the documents, which can eat up hours of your time and money.

 The Entire Process Of Legally

Many people sign their full names with their pen, and for many of us, this is not always convenient. Luckily, you can now have someone add in your initials for you while you are signing documents online. It’s not something most people would normally be able to do, but most companies that provide this service also allow you to choose which initials you want. Not only will this make the entire process of legally signing your name easier, but it will also help to protect your initials and provide peace of mind whenever you sign documents online.

There are also a number of places that allow you to upload your handwritten signature onto a PDF. Usually these services are offered by tattoo studios or law firms, but they are also offered online. If you are looking for a way to actually save a legal document, many platforms also offer a PDF Upload feature for this very purpose. The advantage to an online PDF is that you can instantly receive copies of any legal documents that you have signed online. If you don’t want loss your data and ensure security .automatically archive your account with box bot.

Documents To Require

While it is common for most legal documents to require both the name and the handwritten signature of the signor, some still only need the name, so you may be able to get away with just Uploading your initials. You can still print legal documents through most of these websites if you are going to sign them online, as most will allow you to upload either your full name or just your initials for free. Once you have uploaded your initials, you are then able to select a color that best fits your style, and then select the font color that you want to use with your signature.

Several Different Ways

There are several different ways that you can use these types of tools to help you save time and money while you are getting ready to sign documents online. You are also able to save time when you are preparing for a court appearance, and you can also save time when you are filing or giving away a document. Online filing and signing documents have become very popular over the past few years because most people do not have the time to print out a hard copy of a document. When you are filing with a service, you are able to send in your information at once and get your document immediately. This can take a lot of time if you are filling out different forms in different offices, and many times people will fill out one form then fill out the form that is attached to another form, which could cause you to miss a deadline for filing.

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