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Shego Strengths and Skills

Shego is a professional thief, military artist, and stuntwoman. In addition, you have special gloves that glow with green energy. The opposite number of the heroine Kim Possible. Shego was very popular with KP fans.

History of Shego

During his youth in Chicago (or Go City), Shego and his 4 brothers were sitting in their backyard tree when a colorful meteor fell from the sky and measured house and house of trees alike. It also empowered each of the brothers with a special power. They devoted their lives to doing good and thus built the Go Team, with its headquarters on an island tower in the center of the city harbor.

For many years, Go Team fought evil. But, the more they fight against evil, the more Shego loves it – not the fight, the evil. Eventually, because of the constant exhaustion of his brothers, he left the group to fend for himself. The Go Team did not last long without him, all but Hego eventually retired.

Shego soon made a name for him in the crime scene and gained (more than a dozen arrests from 11 countries) for not committing any serious crime. Somewhere during this time, the corrupt although he sometimes works as a freelancer, he is currently working to fund Drakken’s low-light aircraft. One of those that led to his first defeat, at the hands of youth hero Kim Possible.

Sardonic and talented, his only real weakness is his overconfidence. He has trouble believing that he can ever get out of his weight class, and he often speaks frankly about his employer’s screwups. Whether this will lead to the termination of his employment, or perhaps his life, does not affect him. He has never met anyone good enough to kill him.

He Expects To Be Compensated For His Services, And He Is.

He expressed skepticism here and there, especially reacting with shock and a little disgust when Drakken plotted to steal Felix’s wheelchair.

He treats his life as a great hero as if it were a Dark Secret, very concerned about his reputation as a powerful hero if he could get out. Although given the chance to take on any other criminal (save perhaps the Monkey Fist) in a decent battle, the results are probably not so bad. And he has something annoying, which he had to physically hold back from exposing at times. He enjoys fighting Kim Possible a lot – after all, Kim is probably the only person who ever beat him in battle. Ron is under his notice, though he is a favorite of the comments.

Shego Gaming Makes Use Of

Shego is a high-end agent who can be hired by anyone willing to pay a premium she’s also likely to end up in the soup as a result of her frequent mouthing off, so I could see her starting out as an opponent and then switching sides after her boss tries to punish her for her insolence.

In battle he often tries to pull out the PC that looks the most dangerous at first, completing his quest for adventure with his normal mind. If a lesser-looking PC hits him before, he will probably fight back. Aside from his work, he enjoys hiking and sunset (not that it helps him at all), and he has a generally broad history.


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