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PI Behavioral Assessment – Success Guide, Tips, Samples

Predictive Indes (PI) Behavioral Assessment



After completing formal or non-formal education, the only target of almost all the graduates is to find a suitable and well-paid job. But, in the absence of a professional tool to assess the suitability of a particular candidate for a particular job. The outcomes never tally the expectations at the end. That was the juncture in the history of the corporate world that led to the birth of the Predictive Index (PI). Below i am trying to explain about PI Behavioral Assessment.

Predictive Index PI Behavioral Assessment

The PI Behavioral Assessment or Predictive Index (PI) Behavioral Assessment is a test having its roots in the corporate world’s psychology in terms of a candidate’s suitability for a particular job. In fact, the Predictive Index (PI) assessment nowadays is being used by several organizations to assess a candidate’s abilities to cope with the employment formalities. And the critical situations arising during the job especially the candidates dealing with the managerial positions.

The PI Behavioral Assessment methodology is owned by Predictive Index owned by more than 60 certified professionals dealing with the job assessment all across the globe. The PI assessment helps correlate the right candidate for the right job ensuring high efficiency. Currently, the PI method is being practiced by more than 8000 corporate bodies in the world with translatory facilities in 70 languages including Braille language technology.

For the last six decades up to 2013, the PI has been a favorite assessment technique for over two million people all over the world. Since its birth, Prepterminal, have strived hard to help you in the assessment by providing you with all the necessary tools such as text/video modules as a set for mock assessment and so on.

The PI Behavioral Assessment Methodology

It is a survey-based self-assessment document prepared in a free-choice environment. Besides, it takes only 5 to 10 minutes to complete, that is, pretty time-friendly assessment. The test has been designed to be delivered in two stages. In the first stage, the candidate is handed over a list containing 86 adjectives. and the candidate is required to choose the choice of describing his/her behavior. Since it’s done by the candidate himself. So, that’s why it is called the “Self-Concept” component of the PI methodology.


The Four Core Personality Traits that the PI Considers


  • Dominance

.Dominance refers to the extent an individual is eager to control the working environment. The self-confident, independent and assertive candidates will score high while the ones scoring low happen to be cooperative, accommodating and agreeable.

  • Extraversion

The degree of acceptance of social interaction along with social acceptance is what we mean by extraversion. The candidates scoring high on this parameter are supposed to be persuasive, affluent socially and pretty outgoing. The candidates scoring low happen to be introspective, pretty serious and task-focussed.

  • Patience

An individual’s capacity to seek stability along with consistency is what we mean here by patience. The ones scoring high on this parameter happen to be consistent, patient and deliberate. While the ones scoring low are supposedly fast-paced, urgent and intense.

  • Formality

The candidate who sticks to the official rules and regulations is believed to be more formal.  The ones scoring high on this dimension are perceived to be more precise, organized and self-disciplined. The ones scoring low are deemed to be casual, informal and uninhibited.

Besides, there are two secondary traits that are considered while preparing the PI assessment report. They are as follows:

  • Decision-making

The assessment checking this parameter seeks to gauge the fact of how fast a candidate is to process the received information and make a decision thereby. The guys scoring high on this dimension mean he is under the influence of facts and data and therefore, he is an objective and logical candidate. Lower scorer on this dimension, are influenced by feelings and emotions which means they are more intuitive and subjective.

Response Level

This dimension seeks to measure an individua’s responsiveness to the official working environment. It is reflected by their energy, stamina to work, and activity level. The ones scoring high on this dimension, are supposed to have an added capacity to keep up the activity level as well as keep up with the stress tolerance. The lower scores on this dimension, on the other hand, are likely to show lower capacity.

In general, the Prepterminal’s PI Behavioral Assessment seeks to dive deep into the candidate’s personality to gauge the efficiency level of these responses. 

Once all the above-discussed dimensions of a candidate’s personality have been assessed, the Final Report gets ready. The report may cover the following categories but not limited to:

  • Self
  • Self-Concept
  • Synthesis of self and self-concept


Degree of Understanding Based on Four Scales

Besides, it provides a degree of understanding based on four scales that is,

  • Collaborative – Independent
  • Reserved – Sociable
  • Driving – Steady
  • Flexible – Precise
  • This includes an additional scale in Synthesis which is Subjective – Objective


Certain Tips Conducive to Pass the PI Behavioral Assessment

Just like any exam or assessment, we deem it necessary to provide you with certain tips conducive to pass the PI Behavioral Assessment. They are as follows:

Before you head for PI Behavioral Assessment, be sure that the decisions made in the assessment reflect the very good picture you want to be identified with. So the tips given below are going to help you portray the kind of picture you want for your employers to see you through.

  • It is highly suggested to have a good deal of research about the employer and your job role. This research will help you prepare the kind of questions asked by the employer during the interview.
  • Keeping in mind this research, prepare yourself for the kind of interview you got an insight from the research in addition to the job role you have applied for.
  • For every possible question, prepare your replies in line with the company’s ethos as well as your job role.
  • While preparing your replies, do your best to look consistent in your approach towards the job role. Insistency may fail you during the assessment.

Final Words

Hey, are you concerned about overcoming the PI Behavioral Assessment? and then going through the interview with flying colors? Well, there are certain tools available online that will help you a lot to pass the interview process and get your dream job and Prepterminal’s is one such offer. It provides the candidate the kind of knowledge, he is going to need from assessment through the successful interview process. Besides, it provides the aspiring candidate with a solid stepping into the job market while grabbing his dream job as per his terms and conditions.

So it is highly suggested to take help from offers like Prepterminal’s. And get a positive PI Behavioral Assessment report before you head for the interview. Don’t risk your dream job with a blind journey. By going for a job without preparation is like starting a blind journey ending on an uncertain destination.

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