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Personal Protective Equipment and Covid-19

Personal Protective Equipment


The COVID-19 emerged from China and took the world under its grip all of a sudden. Ironically, none was ready to protect oneself against its fatal hazardous effects. People like me and my family were having fun with their life and life activities when they were taken aback by the sudden arrival of coronavirus and the subsequent pandemic that took in its grip the entire planet earth within a couple of months. One after another, all the countries closed down their airports and the travellers got stranded in different countries along with their family members and me along with my family were also included among them.

Personal Protective Equipment

But, in my case, things went otherwise and the pandemic can truly be called “ a blessing in disguise” in my case. I was travelling to Asia along with my family when the pandemic started. I and my wife along with our younger son got stranded in Taiwan while my older son was left in China for some personal reasons. We had to live away from our older son for six months and it was during this time that the world witnessed one of the greatest medical equipment (like facemasks, gloves, sanitisers etc), PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) shortfall. The PPE included but not limited to face-covering masks (KN 95, KN 93), sanitisers etc. The entire world went crazy knowing nothing about the demand-supply gap as it was not just economic activity, it involved “life”. 


The drug stores, hospitals, and other life-saving agencies were unable to meet the ever-growing PPE/medical equipment needs of the patients. With every new day, the new patients were being added to the list of the affectees. Adding to the worse, the people working in the public services such as physicians, first-aid workers, doctors working at the hospitals and at their clinics, nurses, sports coaches, teachers and the community workers were among the hit-hard targets. According to the media reports, the COVID-19 started from Wuhan, China and China was the first to take preventive measures and China was the first to declare a medical emergency in the country.


Not only that, it started manufacturing PPE on a mass scale. It was during this time that we were in China and buying the PPE and other necessary medical stuff over-the-counter. Also, it was during this time that we started sending PPE and other medical staff to our near and dear ones in the US and to other Western countries as the PPEs were short in supplies. Soon after the pandemic started, the pharmacies and hospitals were short of the PPE and the demand was rising exponentially. During the COVID pandemic, where the traditional businesses were either getting closed down or suffering from the financial crunch, the guys with entrepreneurial spirit were profiting from it. Fortunately, my situation also put me into that loop. 

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