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Online Tools for Teachers and Students to Conduct Virtual Classes

Online Tools for Teachers and Students


Practically, the year 2020 has been quite a year. We have had one of the worst global pandemics. Offices and schools shifted their base online, and all of us were pushed online. Though, now that some relaxations have surfaced, a few offices have opened, while many are still shut. However, the schools are still closed. This has led to the demand and popularity of online tools for students and teachers to perform virtual classes. With this article, we will discuss some versatile online learning and teaching tools for students and teachers. Let us take a quick look at them one by one.


If you need an online tool to conduct or take classes, what better than skype? As a teacher who engages in online teaching, there is a fair chance that you have already harnessed most of the video conferencing. Sarah, a tutor providing accounting homework help services online, says that she uses the tool to communicate with students worldwide. Skype is one tool that has been around for almost a decade now. 

It has no unnecessary bells and whistles and does what you expect of it. It is easy to use and incredibly effective. A myriad of online teachers use Skype to introduce culture and language to an online class as well as they would have in a physical classroom setup. A few teachers also love the Mystery Skype feature of the tool. It is a unique activity tool in which the classes communicate with one another and make guesses to know the person’s country on the other end just by their manner of communication. 

The platform has undergone several updates and changes in the past couple of years. It has introduced a myriad of compelling features, which may be interesting for both teachers and students. One such feature that you can try out is the Capture feature. Using this feature, you can attach images or funny GIF comments, or video messages to an ongoing message thread. It can be a great way to liven up the conversation. For instance, if you are a statistics teacher, you can include graphs and data to make the conversation more effective. It will make the students more engaged, and your lessons would be more insightful.

Google Classroom

Another exceptionally versatile learning and teaching tool online is the Google classroom. If you go through your G-Suite, you will see the LMS, which is the Learning Management System. LMS’s idea is to enable the teachers to employ Google applications to create documents, quizzes, and lessons all in a Google class.  

However, to use this application, you will require a G Suite for your education account. Several teachers and schools are making a transition to the Learning Management System when schools are shut.

If you regularly use any of the Google products, you will not find it hard to adapt to Google classroom. Via the app, educators can provide the students with a myriad of content, such as tests, assessments, quizzes, and lessons. You can also communicate via the application using email or message boards.

One of the most likable features of this app is creating the content for the classes using your chosen software. For instance, if you are comfortable with Google apps, you can prepare the class lessons or import the Classroom content from any other tool of your choice. Google has made it easy for you to integrate Google Meet (earlier Hangouts) and Google Classroom, making conducting online classes even simpler and straightforward. 


Another free learning tool that teachers and students can use is Zoom. This application has recently come into the scene and has stood out as a tough competition for other learning platforms. Jannet, an educator who offers assignment help brisbane, says that she has recently switched to Zoom for online teaching because it is quite similar to Skype, but with some additional features. Well, yes, it is these extra features that make it so desirable. The tool has an option of Zoom rooms that you can use for conference calls. It can be an excellent tool for collaborative conversations and projects with other students located in any corner of the world. Another benefit of the Zoom tool is that it can be used for recording the conversations. So, if your teacher is taking an important lesson, you can record it for future reference. Teachers can also record the classes to take notes and make their lessons better over time.


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