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On the Road to Self-Discovery: 8 Major Life Changes You Can Make for a Better You in 2022



The process of self-discovery is lifelong, requiring small changes and attitude shifts that build into a brand new you. However, it can be challenging to know where to begin—especially if you’ve been in an unmotivated rut. 

That said, setting intentions and building toward a better life is far from impossible. Chances are you simply need to begin—after all, the first step is the hardest. Read on for eight changes to set you on the path to a more fulfilling life. 

Consider moving states

Sometimes, a change of environment is all it takes to transform your life. However, many people feel put off by moving costs, overlooking relocation benefits. In the end, moving expenses like the cost to transport your car or hire professional movers will be inconsequential compared to the payoff of living in your dream city and immersing in the culture. 

Make a career change

A sure-fire way to shake up your day-to-day routine is to leave your unfulfilling gig for a new place of employment. Though the decision may seem daunting, throwing yourself into a new career can kick-start your momentum and open up new opportunities. 

Cultivate a healthy work/life balance

Another way to change your life for the better is by cultivating a balanced lifestyle. Achieving harmony between your work and personal life will take trial and error as you tip the balance back and forth to find equilibrium. However, the result will be a less stressed, more harmonious life.  

Work on your sleep hygiene

Sleep is a significant aspect of healthy living, and for a good reason. Sleep is critical to your mental and physical well-being, and there are easy ways to improve your sleep hygiene.


For example, you may sleep better if you take the time to wind down without technology before sleep. You may be shocked at how fast you fall without the harsh light of your smartphone keeping your brain awake. 

Start a new habit

Finding habits that work with your daily routine is key to living a fulfilling life, though it can be intimidating to begin. However, by setting smaller, more achievable goals, you can reach your long-term objective in no time. Whether you hit the gym twice a week or implement meditation into your morning routine, give yourself time to adjust and make mistakes. 

Adopt a pet

As any pet owner will tell you, furry friends are like family. While you need to research the right animal for your lifestyle, chances are there’s a fluffy (or scaly) companion out there waiting for you. Whether you land on a shelter puppy or opt for a talkative feather friend, bringing a pet into your home can enrich your life. 

Start volunteering

Volunteering doesn’t need to be an arduous task you feel morally obligated to participate in. Instead, seek out opportunities that fill you with purpose and help your community. You’d be surprised how entertaining and fulfilling volunteering can be when you find the right organization to lend a hand. 

Try a new hobby

There is arguably no more direct route to self-discovery than trying new things. Whether you love or hate it, you cannot know what an activity is like until you give it a shot. Maybe this is the year you finally give yoga a go. Or, perhaps you delve into your to-read booklist. Regardless, picking up a hobby is a fulfilling, exciting activity that can change your life for the better. 

Before you go

Self-discovery may be a long road, but every journey consists of small steps. Any significant life change has the potential to turn your life around or help you figure out who you are—so you may as well begin today. 


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