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Must-Have Products for Every Yoga Practitioner

Must Have Products for Every Yoga Practitioner


Whether you teach students or just have a passion for yoga in your spare time, everybody needs the right equipment to enjoy the activity properly. Perhaps you’re a beginner just getting to grips with yoga. Perhaps you’re a licensed trainer and want to make a good impression with your new students. Here are the must-have products for every yoga practitioner!

Thick Yoga Mat

Too often, people who practice yoga spend as little money as possible on their first yoga mat. However, it’s well worth investing in a higher quality. Cheap yoga mats are usually thin and not that welcoming. With a thick mat, you can enjoy the exercise without walking away feeling uncomfortable and achy.

As well as thinking about the thickness of your mat, look at the size, material, length, texture, and pattern. Additionally, the very best manufacturers offer eco-friendly yoga mats. This way, you’re helping the planet while also helping yourself. The last thing you want is a mat with all sorts of chemicals and other nasty ingredients.

Yoga Towel

If you like hot yoga, or you’re prone to sweating, you should also look for a yoga towel. Often, people think that they won’t sweat doing yoga, but you’d be surprised at how your body reacts. When you get sweaty, this drips onto the mat and can make it quite unsafe while trying to perform movements.

What’s more, a towel will help to wipe sweat from your eyes. You’ll see what you’re doing, you won’t keep blinking through the sweat, and you can enjoy the session rather than feeling self-conscious.

Water Bottle

Again, people are surprised by the difficulty of yoga. Even if you feel comfortable in the movements, it’s always good to stay hydrated. Especially as an instructor, you want to set a good example to students (while also preventing the inevitable headache that comes with a stuffy, sweaty room).

Comfortable Clothing

Not only do you need comfortable clothing, but you also need breathable clothing. Beginners to yoga often think that loose-fitting clothing is best because it offers freedom. However, experienced practitioners will tell you that this is wrong. Instead, you want form-fitting clothing because it won’t get in the way, and it also allows the instructor to check your form as you perform specific movements.

When performing yoga, you want to enjoy it and allow yourself to forget the stress of work deadlines. How can you do this when you’re worrying about sleeves rolling down, a tugging waistband, or chafing jogging bottoms? With form-fitting clothing, you won’t encounter any of these problems.


Whether you opt for a smartwatch to track your exercise or a simple sports watch, this is always a good addition to your yoga list. As a practitioner, you can keep an eye on the time and make sure you’re always on track during the class.

Post-Workout Bag

While you might admire people in movies when they travel around town with these yoga mat bags, this just isn’t always the case. Instead, don’t be afraid to take a change of clothes for after the session. Don’t worry, this doesn’t make you a beginner and it doesn’t mean that you’re less worthy as a yogi. Instead, it just means that you want to be comfortable after the session.

Similarly, you can also put a healthy snack in your bag after your yoga session.


With this, you have everything you need as a yoga practitioner. Go and enjoy your session whether as a beginner yogi or an instructor!


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