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Moving day somehow turns out to be much more eventful than expected due to all the commotion. Although most people know the moving date long beforehand, leaving them with ample time to prepare, when it finally arrives, anxiety seeps in, leaving homeowners overwhelmed with mixed emotions. Leaving the house where they created so many memories is a gloomy affair for everyone and the reason for all the apprehension and stress.

Their anxiety skyrockets at the sight of movers carrying their treasured belongings packed in boxes to the truck. It may even become horrifying for people if they feel that the movers are mishandling their precious possessions. Thus, they intervene by guiding the movers and constantly pitching in their suggestions to ensure that all the belongings reach their destination in original condition. Naturally, this constant nagging can be a nuisance which increases the risk of mistakes and cause movers to feel agitated as they are professionals who know their job better than others. Also, people need to be mindful not to hover around and give movers space to work to avoid causing accidents and slowing down work.

Moving day is stressful, and making movers’ jobs difficult will not make it pleasant. While people should be keenly observant when movers load their things, they must also be respectful and reasonable. To ensure that trained professionals are handling your belongings, you can research the movers’ reputation before hiring any moving company. In today’s technological-driven world, all they need to do to find viable options is type in your browser’s search bar to unveil a list of moving companies. For instance, Bellevue residents can type ‘bellevue moving company’ to get the list of different moving companies operating in that area and then hire one that fits within their budget and has garnered ample positive reviews from customers.

Read about the moving company’s policies, so you are prepared for their arrival. Once movers are at your door, act responsibly and follow moving-day etiquettes. The following are some moving day etiquettes that people must adhere to while the movers are hard at work:

  1. Do Not Offer Suggestions

Homeowners may feel a temptation to offer their suggestions; especially, when they feel that movers are mishandling their belongings. The horrifying thought of your treasured decorative items breaking into pieces or ruined paintings might urge you to give movers instructions. However, what you need to understand is that movers are professionals who are well-aware of how to safely and effectively perform their job.

No one like’s other people’s interference in their work as it hinders their work and makes them lose concentration. Once you have labeled the boxes as ‘fragile,’ you need to have faith that the movers will transport your things in their original condition. Constantly breathing down the movers’ neck and getting their way will only increase the risk of accidents, so stay put.

  1. Clear the Way for Movers

While movers are experts at moving heavy and fragile objects and safely transporting them to your new home, you need to give them ample space to maneuver inside the house. Ideally, you should move the furniture and other household items away to ensure that movers do not bump into anything while holding heavy cartons. Some people think that it is the movers’ job to clear the way, so they do not bother creating and maintaining a clear path. While the movers may shift the furniture and other things out of the way, you need to ensure that children, pets and other people are not in the movers’ way. This will make the movers’ job easier and lower the risk of accidents and move up your timeline for shifting.

  1. Offer Snacks

Movers’ job is demanding and physically taxing, so it is basic courtesy to offer them refreshments so they can take a short break. Cold-water bottles or fruits juices are appropriate in summer, while hot chocolate, coffee, or tea will refresh them in winter. If moving takes longer than expected and movers have to spend a considerable amount of time, movers may get hungry. Instead of going overboard, people can offer them granola bars, fruits or biscuits. Offering snacks or drinks is not a must-do while movers are at your place, but it is a nice gesture and shows your hospitality. Your kind gesture will also benefit you – not only will the movers attempt to do a better job, but a short break and nourishment will improve their energy level and productivity, so the work will be completed faster, and the chance of accidents will be reduced.

  1. Clean the Premises

People generally do not have anything to do while movers are hard at work. They have already packed their television sets and removed their Internet, so they may feel bored. Thus, it is the ideal time for them to indulge in cleaning. As soon as movers have emptied a room and moved to another area of the house, you can grab your cleaning supplies and quickly mop the floors. Movers may have left a mess behind, and once all the boxes and furniture are removed from a room, you are bound to find dust and debris.

Ideally, current residents need to hand over the place to new owners in proper condition, which also includes cleaning. Instead of staying behind to clean after the movers leave and letting them place your belonging in the new home alone, you can use your time and efforts wisely. By the time your belongings are loaded on moving vans, you can have the house cleaned and ready to hand over to the new owners.

  1. Be Approachable

While you should give movers space to do their work, do not go AWOL. Make sure you are around and have an approachable attitude so movers can come to you with their concerns. They may require your assistance or want to notify you about the improper packing of cartons. Some people believe they need to be at their new place to guide movers about where to place their belongings for easier unpacking and settling. On the other hand, some homeowners think that they can be more helpful at their old home when movers arrive to transport their belongings. The ideal thing for you to do is to leave some family members behind at the old house to assist movers if the need arises, while you make all the necessary arrangements before the movers arrive at your new home to avoid any inconvenience.


Describing the moving day as stressful is nothing less of an understatement. It is chaotic, nerve-wracking and exhausting, to put it lightly. We won’t embellish the truth for you. The move will cause you oodles of anxiety, but you have a choice on whether you should give in to it and spiral into irrational behavior or channel it into something more productive. By now, you already know that henpecking the movers will only cause you to become a hindrance and even result in a few accidents. So follow our advice on what you can do while the movers are hard at work to enjoy an efficient, uneventful and peaceful move.

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