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Mac vs PC Pros and Cons | Which One Is Right for Me

Mac vs PC


Has your computer recently bit the dust and you’re in need of a new one? Can’t make the decision between the multitude of different PCs and Apple Macs to choose from?

Fret not, as each comes with its own pros and cons. You can get more bang for your buck when it comes to PCs but Macs come with a sleek finish and programs that are user-friendly.

Here are the Mac vs PC pros and cons and how you can decide which is right for you.

The Pros of a PC Desktop

When it comes to Mac vs PC, it’s kind of hard to compare the two, as there are only a few Mac options out there while there are tons of different PCs. One of the biggest pros of a PC is the benefit of being able to build your own.

You can completely design the look of your PC, starting with the case, working into the CPU, GPU, cooling, and lighting effects (RGB effects). You get to decide how powerful your system is, rather than picking from a list of parts that are given to you by Apple.

The price to performance of a PC will almost always outperform the competition. You can end up spending close to $5k for a moderate iMac Pro with a 5K retina display, and get a top-of-the-line PC with a 4k display for around half the price.

While Macs may boast about having 8 cores and 8 threads for their M1 processors. You can easily pick up a 16 core and 32 thread processor from AMD that completely wipes the floor with anything that Macs could try and produce.

You’ll also get robust amounts of I/O, where you can plug in everything from your mouse and keyboard to SD card readers, to random knickknacks that want to have near your desk. On a typical motherboard, you can find anywhere from 6 USB-A ports, all the way to 14 USB-A’s and 1 to 2 USB-Cs. In the event that you need more, you can always add more USB ports by using an add-in card that plugs directly into the motherboard.

If you’re looking for the best pre-built desktops around, check out They’ll have everything from business desktops that crunch the numbers, to full-on workstations that 3D render in a matter of minutes.

The Cons of a PC Desktop

The user interface of a PC desktop isn’t as friendly as what Apple’s iMacs offer. If you go for a prebuilt computer, chances are that it will not have that same sleek look as a custom-made PC or Apple product will. Making it unappealing and harder to style your desk around the PC.

PC Desktops don’t come with all the accessories and components you’ll need to start utilizing your system. When you buy an iMac Pro, you get the system, monitor that comes with speakers, a keyboard, and a mouse.

All of these (with the exclusion of bundles) would require you to pick them up separately when buying a PC. Though this will still come out to be more cost-effective than what the iMac is offering.

The Pros of a PC Laptop

When it comes to Mac or PC, you can’t leave out their laptop options. Just like with desktops, there are a lot more options out there for PC-based laptops than there are for MacBooks. Though Apple has continued to expand the line of MacBooks, making them more competitive.

PC laptops are going to be great for gaming compared to MacBooks. They often feature Nvidia graphics cards as a dedicated GPU on the motherboard, rather than relying on integrated graphics or the inferior AMD GPUs.

You can also find 4K 2-in-1 laptops that quickly switch over to a tablet, rather than having to pick up a separate iPad to fill in this slot. This makes PC laptops appealing for creatives, as you can create beautiful art pieces as if you were utilizing a canvas. All on the same computer, rather than porting images from an iPad over to your MacBook.

The Cons of a PC Laptop

The price difference between PC laptops and MacBooks isn’t as wide as it is for the desktop version. PC laptops can be as expensive and the cheaper you go, the more likely the laptop is to kill over on you.

You’re also not going to get the same performance as what a desktop offers, making it seem hard to justify the price to performance ratio.

Because of the wide variety of different laptops, there isn’t an easily accessible store like the Apple Store to service any repairs that come in. This means you’ll be getting into contact with the manufacturer or heading over to a PC repair store and hope that they know what to do.

The Pros of a Mac

In the Apple Mac vs PC comparison, Mac takes the cake when it comes to display and design. You currently can’t find the same 5K display that Apple offers for their Pro series. It creates a beautiful display that allows you to see over a billion colors.

The sleek design of only coming as a monitor makes the computer extremely viable in a variety of different spaces. You can’t tell there is even a computer build right into the monitor, along with four speakers for audio.

For those that can’t shell out the $5,000 it takes to buy an iMac, you can easily grab a Mac mini. These tiny form-factor Macs are meant to take up minimal amounts of space as well.

If your work calls for the usage of a different operating system, you can quickly change over to Windows or Linux by utilizing Boot Camp. This allows you to run two different operating systems on one desktop, making Macs more appealing.

The Cons of a Mac

The performance of a Mac shines in creativity and that is it.

Unless you’re shelling out for the best iMac around, you’re not going to be getting the top-of-the-line performance that you would expect for the price. While you do get the accessories included, not everyone favors the Magic Mouse and often ends up switching it out anyways.

Apple computers are not the best option for rendering and multitasking. This makes them unappealing for those that need to do 3D modeling or running multiple programs at once. However, this does have the opportunity to change as they move away from Intel and into their own processors instead.

The Mac mini also offers minimal performance, though this can change with the inclusion of the M1 chips that Apple introduced recently. Your neat setup will be ruined though, as you’ll have to buy separate keyboards, mouses, monitors, and speakers to make up for the lack of equipment that comes with the Mac mini. You’ll be running wires all over the place as if you had bought a PC.

The Pros of a MacBook

Macbooks offer one the best laptop experiences around, with their sleek design and portability. They were one of the first companies to start utilizing SSD’s in their laptops, which significantly increased the lifespan of the product while also decreasing the noise that came from them.

With the inclusion of the MacBook Air, there is now a wide variety of different options to choose from when it comes to MacBooks. They also continue to use the Retina displays that are found on the normal iMac computers.

The Cons of a MacBook

The price is comparable to laptops but still isn’t necessarily your best option. You’ll be getting less storage space, a new processor that has to continue to grow and mature as Apple works out the kinks, and a lack of multitasking.

If you’re a gamer on the go, you’ll want to steer far away from the MacBook. Games often lack support because of the poor ability of the Mac operating system to support the game’s ability to run. Pair that with low amounts of RAM and storage, and you’ll be lucky if you can even download the latest first-person shooter without running out of storage.

Though you can run programs like Boot Camp to run Windows 10 or Linux, chances are that you’ll only run out of space faster on your computer.

You’re also going to face the crisis of no I/O options other than a few USB-C/Thunderbolt ports. This almost guarantees that you’ll be getting a USB hub of sorts to make up for the lack of being able to plug anything in.

Mac vs PC Pros and Cons: Key Takeaways

When it comes to Mac vs PC pros and cons, the true winner comes down to personal preference. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, then stick with a PC that you can rely on. If you need every color available and you’re already an Apple household, then you can continue to stick with Macs.

If you want to learn more about what tech to watch out for in the coming years, then check out the rest of our blog. Know someone in need of a computer? Be sure to share this article with them.


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