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Learning Basic Terms about Windsurfing



Windsurfing is a very exciting sport that combines windsurfing and sailing into one awesome adventure. It’s also known as “sailing” and “windsurfing” and evolved from the popular surf culture of California in the early 1990s. It’s basically a competition between two teams of people who each have a board that can be used to sail in the wind.

Basic Rules

The basic rules of windsurfing are quite simple. You need to take your board off the rope, turn sideways and face in towards the wind, then kick it forward so that it’s pointed ahead and then kick again to bring it back onto the board. As soon as you’re done doing these, you then need to quickly get into a normal position and catch the end of the rope. Windsurfing is normally done with a normal board but some classes may require a board specifically designed for windsurfing.


The most common clothing when participating in windsurf or sailboat racing is a wetsuit. The wetsuit protects windsurfer from water splashing onto them and helps them to perform their best. Wetsuits come in many different styles and colors so finding one that fits you and looks good is not too difficult. Just remember to wear a windsurfing wetsuit during the race if your wetsuit gets wet. Otherwise, just get a regular wetsuit.

Fantastic Experience

Another reason why many windsurfers love the sport is that they can have such a fantastic windsurfing experience whilst they’re out there. The windsurfing ferries in which you’re situated will often take you out at some of the best surfing beaches in the world, so you can enjoy the great sun, sea and sand with ease. Many windsurfers take lots of equipment with them for their exciting day out on the waves.

Windsurfing Rig

If you do decide to go windsurfing, then it’s advisable to look at buying a windsurf rig. A windsurfing rig consists of the sail, boom, rig and a mast. The sail is attached to the rig, which is used to provide stability for the sail. The boom keeps the mast in place and pushes the rig along the water.

One of the most common types of windsurfing rigs is the slalom sail. A slalom sail is made up of three horizontal stripes of sail connected bylines, and the centre of this ‘sail area’ is called the centre of gravity. The centre of the gravity means that the sail will move with the wind and not follow it. This makes a slalom sail one of the easiest sails to use while windsurfing.

Windsurfing Board

If you are just starting to windsurf, you will probably want to practice on an indoor windsurfing board. Indoor windsurfing boards come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Some names to recognize these boards are ‘birdcage’, ‘board shorts’, or ‘windbreaker’. Regardless of the name, the most important terms to know are the deck size, the length of the deck, and the tower height. The deck can either be straight, curved or level depending on your preferred style of windsurfing. The length of the deck is very important because it limits the number of manoeuvres you are able to perform.

Windsurfing can be a fun and exciting water sports, but you need to learn some of the important rules of windsurfing before you get on the water. Learning the rules of windsurfing before you go on a surfing trip, or before you rent windsurfing boarding equipment, will make your experience much more enjoyable. There are also a few things that you should keep in mind when surfing that will help you minimize any injuries you might sustain during your windsurfing excursion. A few basic windsurfing terms can help you understand and appreciate the sport a little better.

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