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Landing Page Design Tips



Landing page design tips are crucial in today’s competitive online market. Many businesses that fail have neglected this marketing tool. These business owners tend to adopt page one techniques, which do not work for their business models. The reason is that they were not aware of the best page layout strategies. Listed below are some effective landing page design tips for your website.

Call-to-Action and Headline Text

Effective landing pages use the best call-to-action and headline text to attract visitors. When properly used, landing pages can be an extremely powerful tool for any company and when used correctly, it could deliver the greatest ROI and possible conversions. However, the landing page should be effectively designed and properly optimized to maximize its effect on the audience and lead segment to increase overall conversions. The following are effective landing page design tips.

Highlighting the Benefits of Product

First off, landing page design tips should always include highlighting the benefits of a product or service. This does not mean that a company should only include the features and benefits of a particular product. It means that a company should provide information that can be of great value to the visitor. The benefits are not just listed in the copy but they should be highlighted. This can be done by writing good content and having it properly optimized with relevant keywords or phrases that are proven to boost conversions.

Keep Things Simple

Another effective landing page design tip is to keep things simple. Customers don’t like long paragraphs, as it makes it difficult for them to absorb and understand. Therefore, instead of having long paragraphs with no beginning, middle and end, try to have short paragraphs with an ample amount of content to increase conversions and improve customer retention.

Visually Appealing

Next on landing page design tips, you should try to make your website as visually appealing as possible. If people find it visually appealing, chances are they will want to stay on your site longer and explore more. This will result in higher conversions because visitors tend to spend a long time on a website that appeals to them. You can also use animations or graphics to further increase the visual appeal of your marketing campaign.

Avoid Cluttered and Disorganized Pages

An important landing page design tip is to avoid cluttered and disorganized pages. People like websites that are easy to navigate and search. Also, avoid having too many sub-categories on your landing page. Too much clutter can distract visitors as well as reduce their level of interest in the entire marketing campaign.

Focus On CTA

A crucial landing page design tip is to focus on CTA. CTA’s are the call to action statements or prompts that your customers need to click. In essence, they tell readers what they should do right away. If done correctly, CTAs will increase your conversion rates and boost your profits. However, there are some instances where a CTAs doesn’t work such as a landing page that only contains a picture or graphic and doesn’t tell anything about the solution.

Exit Intent

One of the most important landing page design tips is to make sure that you use exit-intent. When a visitor finishes reading your copy and has the desire to leave the page, they’ll do so after clicking an exit Intent. Therefore, make sure you include exit-intent on your landing page because this will tell your readers that they have the option to leave the page and make a purchase if they’re not satisfied with the product they’re receiving.

Use Discount Coupons

You can also use other forms of CTAs like discount coupons to further encourage visitors to purchase. Make sure to use these coupons as part of your landing pages. In addition, make sure to include an opt-in box on each landing page that asks visitors for their email addresses. Through this, you can track the number of conversions from these webinar attendees.


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