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Jewellery Design Ideas That Complement Every Outfit

Jewellery Design Ideas


Picking the perfect jewellery pieces that complement your everyday outfit can be a daunting task. While you want to look stylish, you don’t want to overdo the jewellery to look like a walking disaster. Since jewellery is a staple in every woman’s life, why not understand how to pick gold jewellery designs that are sure to rock your look on every occasion?

1. Pearls

There is something very extraordinary about pearl jewellery, it’s timeless, classic and fabulous. You can never go wrong with picking pearls because it is one thing that is versatile and it goes well with traditional wear as well as modern. Simple pearl studs or pearl drops look elegant, yet powerful while you are having a client meeting at work, and a pearl-studded Kundan necklace is exactly what you need with your gorgeous sari to slay a wedding scene. Pearls set well in all sorts of metals like gold, sterling silver and even platinum to give you an alluring charm.

2. Statement Gold Earrings

Want to look graceful for an evening outing? Go ahead and highlight your face with smart and chic gold earrings. We must admit that there is an earring design for every occasion, from simple gold earring designs for daily use to glittery ones, you get them all. Before you choose a pair of earrings, consider the shape of your face and pick a design and pattern that make you stand out in a crowd. People with oval face cut should choose triangle-shaped earrings to highlight their cheekbones, and if you have a round face, stick to hoops that don’t tapper down to your neck. Asymmetrical earrings are in vogue, these work well with a formal outfit as well as an evening gown.

3. Shining Gemstones

Gemstone jewellery gives you a striking look, and they blend effortlessly with any sort of outfit. Gemstones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires to name a few have always held an important place in Indian heritage, and now these are slowly making their way into millennial’s jewellery collection. To create a bold statement, pair a ruby necklace on a royal blue dress to grab the attention of on-lookers. The trick here is to create a striking contrast between your outfit and the gorgeous gemstones. It is needless to say that gemstones make your traditional attire even more classy.

4. Bracelets and Bangles

Styling your wrist right can improve your look by many folds. Indian women have always worn bangles as a part of a tradition and in recent times the designs have seen a sea of transformation. The new trendy designer bracelets and bangles can be matched with both Indian outfits, casual dresses as well as your formal suit pants.

5. Shiny Diamonds

Diamonds are precious to every woman, and they practically compliment every single occasion and outfit. There is nothing like too many diamonds, from diamond rings, bracelets, pendants to simple solitaire studs, nothing can make you look dazzling like diamonds.

Coordinating the right jewellery designs with your outfits needs an eye for detail and with practice, you can do this like a star!


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