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IObit Screen Recorder – Free Screen Recorder Software Review

IObit Screen Recorder Review


If you are looking for an ideal, easy, and quick-to-use screen recording app. Then IObit screen recorder is a must to download. IObit offers you high-quality screen recording with a small built-in video editing. What’s better than an instant screen recording with multiple features? Yes, everyone wants to have the top-notch HD recorded live streams, lectures, presentations, meetings, and whatnot.

The key features of this app that will want to download are:-

1-Unlimited screen recording

Yes, you heard right it right unlimited. IObit Screen Recorder allows you to record videos in a long run without much worry.

2- Flexible screen recording

For those who are always looking for multiple options in screen recording apps that could fit their situation. IObit Screen Recorder allows you to record any part of your screen. You can simply select any dialogue box and record without much worry to crop later.

3- No background noise

IObit Screen Recorder exclusively offers an average of 8% CPU utilization that makes the sound system smooth enough to record. Whilst of any surrounding air sound heard.

4- EDIT within a glimpse

IObit Screen Recorder offers you simple and quick editing. You can trim, cut, add or exceed any part with the best basic editing offered by the IObit Screen recording app. From video to sound to effects everything can be edited in this app.

5- Free and no watermark

Everyone loves the free app but hates watermark right? But IObit Screen Recorder cares for you and always looks forward to providing you with quality and reliable screen recording without a single penny spent.

6- Save a wide range of formats

IObit Screen Recorder offers you a wide range of formats to fit your video to every place you desire for. With a wide range of formats like MP4, AVI, FLA, MKV, MOV, TS, and GIF to choose for.

7- Support microphone recording

IObit Screen recorder offers top-notch screen recording along with microphone access. With video recording, you can record your voice smoothly.

8- Screenshots capture

IObit Screen Recorder offers top-notch screen recording along with access to screenshots without interruption. This allows you to have the best image screenshot.

How to use IObit Screen Recorder?

There are simple and easy 3 steps to use:-

1- Set up a preference

For any beginner, it is very easy to use. All you have to do is select the area or record for full screen.

2- Start Recording

Just a simple start to record will be automatically done.

3- Save in your desired format

Simply recorded and time to save in your format. 

Also, if you are just looking for a free online screen recorder, try IObit online screen recorder immediately!

To conclude, IObit is the simplest, easy and quick screen recording application. That offers you unlimited Screen recording, Top quality videos, and Vast editing features. Not only that but also offers video editing and recording through a GPU which is a hardware acceleration technology for high efficiency.

Above all, another key feature is that the IObit Screen recorder offers you uploading directly to any platform like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other application. With the IObit Screen recorder, your screen recording will not be ordinary but extraordinary.

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