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What is IDP.Generic | Virus Warning IDP.Generic – [RESOLVED]

IDP.Generic Trojan Solution and Best Resources


One of the most sensitive issues that in this era we come across is the security issue and the situation becomes more sensitive if it is related to your data for example financial matters. To protect your PC or laptop, your maximum protection could be an anti-virus but sometimes, anti-virus itself could cause more severe threats instead. In this article, we are going to discuss about IDP.Generic Trojan or Virus Warning and its solution.

You must check your antivirus if it issues such threats frequently and you mustn’t ignore this issue. In this article, we are going to talk about the same issue known as IDP Generic Trojan. IDP generics stand for Identity Protection which is a malware or false positive. Idp.generics could lead to severe losses such as identity theft, disclosure of personal or sensitive data and money losses.

Do we have to take anti-virus threats seriously?

Whenever you come across a warning issued by your anti-virus, there could be two possibilities. One, there could be a genuine threat to your PC posed by malicious content. Two, the warning itself could be an idp.generic Trojan as a false positive. In either, case, you don’t have to ignore it completely. You have to investigate the matter once in a while. Ignoring such warnings could lead to severe setbacks in the future. There could be several options to fix this issue, following we are going to discuss it one by one.

Option 1:

You can apply another latest anti-virus program that should be capable to detect the latest malware. This check will let you know if the issue was genuine.

Option 2:

“VirusTotal” like some other websites is a website that helps you check out if the files on your system contain genuine malicious content.

You can follow these steps to benefit from the said website.

Step 1:

Launch the VirusTotal website and then upload the files you doubt to have been infected by malicious malware.

Step 2:

On the site, you need to click “Here”. Following this, you need to click “Choose File”

Step 3: 

Now select the files notified/flagged by the anti-virus you are using. 

If VirusTotal also warns them, it means the files are infected by malware. If the website doesn’t warn about them, then they are clean. 

Reasons Behind IDP.Generic False Positive:

  1.  Sometimes, the anti-virus running on your system is outdated and uses an older version of the malware. As a result, it issues warning against the files which are not infected by malware at all. In that case, you simply need to upgrade your existing anti-virus program to the latest version. Updating your existing anti-virus will resolve the false positives issue.
  2. If you continue to receive the false positives, then it means you need to replace your existing anti-virus with another better anti-virus application. 

What if a false positive IDP.Generic is detected?

First of all, you got to remove the infected file out of the virus vault. In case you don’t do that, the anti-virus application is likely to block it. After that, you have to follow these steps to fix the false positive issue. Let it be pointed out that we are going to use Avast anti-virus as a reference application only.

Step 1:

First of all, launch Avast antivirus software.

Step 2:

After that, reach for Protection.

Step 3:

Then, select “Virus Chest” from the options provided in the Protection tab.

Step 4:

In this step, you need to select “Restore”

Step 5:

Now as a final step, “Add Excursion”. These steps are going to help you get rid of false positives. But, mark it well that these steps are valid for Avast antivirus only. You have to follow the protocol of another antivirus as detailed by the company that offers it. The common point among all the antivirus is that all of them use a vault. The vault is used as storage for the retrieved files from there.

Besides, you can also upload the suspected file to the false-positive form. It will be noticed by Avast as a suspected file. You got to fill out all the details to get rid of the issue. Following the above said steps will help you stay safe from false positives. 

 To wind up the discussion, let us remind that you that all the antivirus have an inbuilt component of detecting malware. Thanks to an older version, the antivirus could issue a false positive. But, now no worries because you know how to deal with them, don’t you? Enjoy your free time on HBO or Netflix entertainment or have fun with your family or friends. 

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