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How to Write an Equation in Standard Form

Write an Equation in Standard Form


The standard form of equations

The standard form to write any equation can be defined as a specific way to express the mathematical notations.

It involves the implication of certain rules depending on the terms you will express in standard form. For example, “Ax + By = C” is a standard form of the equation. In this equation, A, B, & C are representing the non-zero real numbers.

  • The standard form of an equation can be represented as: (some expression = 0). It means that “0” will be on the right side of the equation, and everything else will be on the left side. For example, if you have x2 = 9, then to write it in standard form equation, it will be x2 − 9 = 0.
  • The standard form of the equation that involves decimal numbers is also known as scientific notation. For example, if you have any decimal number like “5326.6,” then in standard form, It will be written as 5.3266 × 103.
  • In the case of a polynomial equation, you have to follow a certain order to put them in a standard form. For example, if the equation is “3×2 − 9 + 4×3 + x6,” we will bring the highest degree in the first position, and it will be “x6 + 4×3 + 3×2 – 9”.
  • If there is any quadratic equation such as; “x(x−1) = 7,” then to bring it in its standard form, you have to make some rearrangements. First of all, expand x(x-1) to have x2 − x = 7. Now bring number 7 on the left side of the equation. So the resulted stand form will be: “x2 − x − 7 = 0”.

Tools to write equations in standard form

Many calculators provide their support to convert any equation into its standard form. A list of their benefits is huge as they can save you time and money.

They are functioned to provide results within no time, so you don’t have to make extra effort to process them. Many tools are available online, and providing their services free of cost.

Such tools also eliminate the risk of error that might occur in manual calculations. Some tool to convert your equation from ordinary to standard form are listed below:

All Math 

This tool focus on all the arithmetic that is common in mathematics. It helps you to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Other than some complex functions, such as writing an equation in the standard form, it can be done flawlessly and quickly without any error by taking help from this tool.

This tool’s expert is working on easy ways to bring more knowledge through the World wide web.

To convert an equation or number into standard form, enter it in this tool, and by clicking the “convert” button, you will have the converted results in the blink of an eye.



This standard form converter helps you to converts the number to standard for such as:

  • Scientific notation
  • Real number
  • E-Notation, and
  • Engineering notation

This converter allows you to enter the values in exponential as well as decimal form. It displays the results in few moments with 100% accuracy. Its working procedure is:

  • All you have to do is enter the number in the given input box.
  • Hit the Convert button.
  • And this tool will convert the given number into given four notations.

Mera Calculator

This is another standard form calculator used to convert the numbers into standard form by placing the decimal value in the given numbers.

The tool is functioned to convert any long and complex numbers into an easily understandable standard format. To use this tool, follow the steps given below:

  • Fill in the given space; your number
  • Click the Calculate button to have the output.
  • You can Reset the tool for unlimited times without any cost.
  • It also offers the tool to convert scientific notations as well.

This Calculator is another famous tool to convert equations in their standard form within one click. It offers another tool to write the equation in scientific notation, which is also a standard form representing the decimal numbers.

All you have to do is insert your number or equation, and within seconds, it will deliver the output.


Its online standard form calculator lets you convert any given number in the standard form. You need to enter any number to get it converted in standard form automatically.

Furthermore, with this tool, you can convert the standard form equation back into its ordinary form. It lets you convert the following equations into standard form in the blink of an eye:

  • General equation or number
  • The equation that involves integers
  • Decimal numbers
  • All the ordinary forms

It is one of the best recommendations for students and professors to handle complex calculations.

It is a free online tool that has the potential to displays the given numbers in standard form. It can entertain every number, such as an integer or decimal form.

This online standard form calculator allows you to make the fast and easy conversion and display them out in a fraction of seconds. The tool is absolutely free to use for everyone.

It does not require any login or registration. You can make unlimited conversion simultaneously without getting worried about cost. The only thing you need to use this too is a good internet connection.


The standard form allows the perfect representation of mathematical equations or numbers. It follows a certain set of rules to make the representation comprehensive.

In the standard form of the equation, all the values will be arranged and follow a specific order, such as numbers will be arranged from highest to lower degree or one side of the equation will be non-zero but equal to zero.

However, it involves some complications as well when you convert numbers by hand. Therefore, the use of a standard form calculator is the best way to handle all such conversions. It will give the most accurate and error-free results within no time.

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