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How to Tell Your Boss that You Want to Leave the Job?


Do you feel stagnated in your current role? Are you considering quitting?

Choosing to quit is an important decision. While it is expected to encounter workplace issues, dissatisfaction over a more extended period of time merits exploring other options. But how do you convey this to your boss while maintaining your relationship with him?

You could write a two weeks notice letter to your boss explaining why you wish to leave the organization. In this article, you would learn the various steps involved in resigning.

  • Know Your Reasons for Quitting

What is it that you are seeking and a new job might guarantee? List down such reasons to encapsulate your thoughts. This would provide you with clarity of thought and confidence while speaking to your manager

You would also be able to put forth your reasons to leave in a succinct manner if and when your colleagues ask for such reasons.

  • Discuss with Your Boss

It is important to keep your boss in the loop! Request a meeting with your boss and discuss why you wish to quit. Also, discuss your plans ahead and how you wish to go about it.

If working remotely, then request a meeting over a video call. Also, discuss your resignation well in advance for a smooth transition.

  • Give Two Weeks Notice Letter

This is standard practice and gives ample time to you and your employer for a smooth transition. Provide your employer with the notice letter during your meeting.

This would ensure that your employer is able to find a replacement or shift your duties to another person and relieve you on time.

  • Be Thankful

Express gratitude to your employer for all that you have learned at their organization. Prior job experiences make up your skill set and who you are as a professional.

You can also offer to facilitate the transition process. There are many ways to do this. You could find suitable replacements, leaving no backlogs in terms of work, train your replacement, etc.

This shows support and solidifies your relationship with your current employer, which will come to your advantage if ever you want references for future opportunities.

  • Provide a Formal Letter of Resignation

The resignation letter provides for a letter of record. This letter is supposed to offer your thanks, state your reasons for leaving, your last day of work, and your availability to assist with the transition process.

The letter of resignation shall include:

  • Date of Writing
  • Address Line
  • Statement of Resignation
  • Last Day of Work
  • Statement of Gratitude
  • Steps Ahead
  • Signature

Key Takeaways

Resigning from your current job could be a tricky business. Here is what you need to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you identify the reasons for quitting before talking to your boss/manager.
  • Talk to your boss on a private basis either in-person or over video call and convey your thoughts.
  • Hand them a two weeks notice letter during the meeting well in advance to transition smoothly.
  • Express gratitude while talking to your boss and colleagues. Share all that you have learned on the job and how it has helped you.
  • Give a formal letter of resignation to your boss in a standard format with details like your statement of resignation, last date of work, etc.

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