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How to Plan the Perfect Bachelor Party


Don’t be boring with your bachelor party plans. 

While there is nothing inherently wrong with a trip to Vegas, a bachelor party on the strip is commonplace and played out. If you really want to give the groom and everyone else involved an unforgettable experience, you need to be a little more creative. If the groom chose you to be his best man, the least you could do is throw him the best bachelor party possible.

There is, no doubt, an endless supply of ideas to plan the perfect bachelor party. One fun idea that is often overlooked is an Alaskan cruise. A basic cruise may not seem like a unique bachelor party idea but making Alaska the destination adds an intriguing twist. Chances are good that few, if any, of your guests have ever been to Alaska. Now’s their (and your) chance.

Planning the Best Alaska Cruise Bachelor Party

It should come as no surprise that the first piece of advice when selecting an Alaska cruise package for a bachelor party is to plan your party in spring, summer or early autumn. The Alaskan climate turns bitter cold in the winter, and most cruises do not even run during winter months. Most weddings take place during the late spring or early summer, so the timing typically works out anyway. However, if you’re planning a bachelor party for a winter wedding, you’ll want to consider holding the bachelor party in mid-September or early October prior to the wedding.

There are several great Alaska cruise packages to choose from. 

An important thing to consider is how many days the members of your party will be able to attend. We are talking about throwing an epic bachelor party here, so you’ll want to plan on at least a 7-day package. Be sure that the guests are completely aware of its length, and you’ll want to immediately get people invited.

Another consideration when planning is the feasibility of all guests traveling to the origin port. There are several options available for the departure location. Some packages depart from Seattle before making their way along the coast to Alaska, while others ship out from Vancouver. Take a poll among party guests and see where everyone is willing to go.

Make It a Combo

Let’s be realistic here and address the obvious fact that the bride may not be thrilled with the idea of her fiancé being away without her for a week.

Well, a cruise ship has plenty of space. Why not consider speaking to the bride and her party about making the Alaska cruise vacation a combination bachelor/bachelorette party? This will allow for both the bride and groom to have an unforgettable experience. Nobody gets left home, and probably at work, while the significant other is away on a 7-day party cruise.

Final Thoughts

A bachelor party should be about the groom having one last hurrah before entering into the wonderful world of marriage. This is an experience that you want him to look back on and remember fondly for the rest of his life. So, skip Vegas, and go for a more interesting and unique option, including hiking and whale watching. The more uncommon the party is, the more vivid the ensuing memories will be.

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