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How to Pick the Right Research Topic in five Easy Steps

Art of Picking the Right Research Topic


Students should be flexible enough to understand what their discipline demands. As a student, you need to have some study skills and choose a suitable research topic with ease. Choosing the right research topic can make a big difference in writing your paper; the topic choice can determine your paper’s success or its failure. If you want to have a smooth way of conducting research and writing a good paper, you must get a suitable research topic that will make you very comfortable.  

Usually, students are under intense writing quality research papers, which is somehow a daunting task. Many students struggle with coming up with the right research lines to take and run with, making the research process very turbulent.

When you get your topic wrong, you can be sure that your paper will not meet the required standards at the end of it. But if you know how to juggle your way around research topics and steps for choosing the right topic for your paper, then writing your paper will be fun and quick. 

Are you having some difficulty in choosing your research topic? Worry no more; herein are some five steps to help you get started.

  1. Brainstorm Some Research Topics

First, figure out how things are going around you. Look at the news and current happenings; you could find some spark and think of various topics that can form your research basis. Set aside ample time to brainstorm on various issues that you can think of, try not to overthink but don’t be afraid to try new things or get out of your comfort zone. 

The secret here is to find something that interests you or something that you can talk about passionately; you can pick several topics at first and then go through them one by one and eliminate the topics you feel less passionate about writing.

If you think you have less attraction or affection for some subjects, then eliminate them because you may not have a good flow when you start writing your paper.

With a few topics remaining on your selected list, you can now begin the topic selection process.

  1. Narrow Down To a Topic

To set a good precedence for your research paper, you need to select a more specific topic that sounds more obvious to you. It would help if you understood that choosing a good topic is as good as writing the paper.

A good topic will make your work easy and seamless. Don’t make the mistake of picking a far too easy topic and think too raw at the early stage of conducting your research; however, you have to eliminate the issues in your list and narrow down to one specific research topic.

Remember not to rush your selection process. You should think critically and pick the ideal topic for your paper. Many students mistake rushing to save time but regret later when the process becomes complicated, so take caution and get it right at the selection stage. 

You can start by selecting a relatively broad subject to get a wider scope of ideas and a robust thought process.

  1. Be Super Specific

Once you identify your research topic, the next thing is to be super-specific with your subject; this will help you evaluate your subject’s depth and know whether it will be worth your time. You should be very careful with this step, and it is okay if you wish to change your mind because once you nail this one, you will have an easy way from now on. 

At this stage, you should get a specific element of your discussions from a broad subject. You have to get your line of argument and work it out structurally with tangible points that will be logical to your paper. Be very specific at this stage with your ideas; for instance, if you are going to talk about music, at this point, you should make it straightforward too, let’s say, Jazz music.

Be specific, and now you can discuss things such as the influence of Jazz music and evolution over the years to date and maybe how it will be 50 years from now, and this is how your paper will stand out.

  1. Frame Your Topic as a Question

Once you have a specific topic of discussion, you can now frame it in the form of a question, which will form your research paper’s context. For example, if your subject is “the influence of Jazz music and its evolution,” you can frame it to look like this; “how has Jazz Music influenced the world with its evolution.”

The idea here is to have a broad way of looking at your topic and giving you a reasonable basis for researching and coming up with a comprehensive paper rich in information.

  1. Research Your Topic More and Create an Outline

You must have a particular view and how you want your paper to look like at this stage. Do proper research on your topic question and create an outline. Have a clear picture of what your paper will say and a firm line of thought that you are going to portray.

If you conduct adequate research on your topic, writing will not be a problem; the flow should be smooth at this stage. You can start by writing answers in few sentences to your topic question, and then you can begin your work.  


In these five steps listed above, the most challenging part of writing a proper research paper is complete, and all you have to do now is write it!

Remember to list all the aspects you want your paper to discuss, have a clear idea of how you want to say them, and how you would like others to perceive the work. You should have a timeline for your work and also outline some goals that you wish to achieve. But above all, remember to put the five steps listed above before you can begin working on your research paper.

Knowing how to craft a thesis statement is an essential aspect in your research process. However, some students find it challenging to craft the right statement. If you are in such a situation, you can use free online tools, such as the Peachy Essay thesis statement generator.


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