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How To Get Your Kitchen Ready For Back-To-School


Is your kitchen ready for your child’s back-to-school season? If you suspect the answer is no, you may be searching for a kitchen designer Los Angeles and browsing preparation tips that can help you make your kitchen child-safe and school-friendly. The start of the school year means a return to hectic mornings and busy evenings spent in and around your kitchen, so having a well-prepared space can make all the difference in both your and your child’s overall quality of life. If you’re not sure what you need to do to get your kitchen ready for the start of the semester, try out these straightforward ideas.

Replace Outdated or Non-Functional Features With Safer, Newer Ones

If you’ve been reading up on Montecito interior design lately, you may have realized that some of your kitchen’s key features are either outdated or not as functional as you might like. In order to keep your child safe and upgrade the appearance of your kitchen, you may want to consider replacing a few essential features with newer, safer versions. For example, consider whether you would need or want:

  • Sturdier cabinet hardware
  • Wall-mounted faucets and light switches
  • Durable, stain- and scratch-resistant appliances
  • Pull-out kitchen faucets for easier cleanup
  • New, child-proof cabinets on sturdy hinges
  • Counters or islands with rounded corners to help prevent accidents

Add Extra Child-Friendly Features Throughout Your Kitchen

As many interior designers Santa Monica might advise you, having child-friendly features installed in your kitchen can make the space much more functional, accessible and enjoyable for your little ones. You don’t have to transform your kitchen into a second playroom in order to make it more kid-friendly – in fact, you can increase its functionality just by adding a few fun features here and there. For example, you may want to consider hiring a renovation crew to put in:

  • Built-in cubbies for kids to easily store their belongings after school
  • A snack shelf where you can organize healthy snacks and kids can easily access them
  • A designated lunchbox station where kids can pick up their food every day
  • An island or kitchen table where kids can sit and do their homework

Keep Additional Cleanup Tools and Products Handy

Lastly, it’s no secret that kids can sometimes make a mess in the kitchen. This is especially true during the back-to-school season when your kids could leave snacks, homework, school bags, shoes, and more throughout your kitchen. That’s why it’s important to stock up on cleaning tools and products before the school year starts. At a minimum, make sure your cleanup cabinet is prepared to handle a little messiness with:

  • Disinfectant spray
  • Wet wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hand soap
  • Paper towels
  • Kitchen rags

In order for you and your child to enjoy a seamless transition back to school, it’s important for your kitchen space to be up to snuff. If you’re not sure your kitchen is ready to handle the busy breakfasts, quick after-school snacks, and long evening homework sessions coming its way, use these simple tips to start prepping it. By installing safety features, doing a kid-friendly kitchen redesign, and keeping cleaning products handy, you can feel fully prepared to tackle the back-to-school season.


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