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How to Find the Best Accommodation for Your Vacation

Hotels in Abu Dhabi



Abu Dhabi is one of the most popular and busy cities in the UAE. It is the capital city, sitting on the mainland of an Island in the Persian Gulf. This alone says a lot about the breathtaking beauty it beholds. There are numerous modern towers, shopping mega centers, and hotels in Abu Dhabi. If you are heading to this amazing city for a vacation then you need to find the best accommodation you can afford. Here are some tips to help you find the best accommodation for you and those accompanying you.

Tip #1 – Use Trustworthy Booking Sites

Safety always comes first!

Suppose you booked online from a site you found through searching online, and when you get to Abu Dhabi the host cancels the booking last minute, or never acknowledged the booking confirmation. That would be quite a disaster. So, first, use a trustworthy booking site for hotels in Abu Dhabi. Almosafer is one of the most trusted sites, in case you need a suggestion to start with. So, check it out.

Tip #2 – Choose the Location of Accommodation Wisely

Before booking accommodation, there are some factors to consider. For instance:

· How far is the hotel from the airport?

· Does it have good reviews online?

· Is it close to attractions in Abu Dhabi?

· Is it close to shopping areas and markets?

· Does the hotel offer an airport shuttle?

· Is it close to restaurants?

· Does it have all the basic amenities you need?

· Is it within your budget?

Also see if the location is in a very busy and noisy place or in a quiet area. What do you prefer? While staying there will you be relying on public transport or would you like a place where you can book a private car easily? If you are looking for a family getaway where you can have enough privacy in the sun, or if you want a romantic retreat, then look at accommodation on luxurious beach resorts. To have a quiet place, spending time on an Island will be ideal.

Beware that many hotels are affordable or even cheap, but then they will not be clean enough or may be too far from the main attractions. Make sure you choose wisely so that the location is convenient.

Tip #3 – Check Online Reviews

Check all the available information to make sure you are sure the hotel is perfect for you. There would be travelers who have similar plans to yours and can tell you much about the best hotels where they stayed. However, only use the reviews and stars as a guide. Everyone has a different way of looking at things. Some people may leave negative reviews because they just did not like one aspect of their stay. Do not rely on negative reviews completely. Also, read the comments of the management and how they addressed the issue. Sometimes, there may be a temporary shutdown of services due to political reasons or for renovations, even due to bad weather.

If possible, ask your friends and family as well. If someone you know has stayed there then hearing a firsthand account of their experience will be helpful.

Tip #4 – Check for Hidden Cost

It happens sometimes that hotels do not show hidden costs. When you head for checkout is when you discover an additional and shocking amount of bill. There are hidden taxes during the night and day stay. Also, keep in mind that you will have to pay for extra services if you request additional bedsheets, towels, soaps, etc., and there will be property service charges. So before booking, make sure you check or ask about the hidden cost and know what to expect at checkout.

Tip #5 – Check the Services and Facilities Available

Some accommodations charge for TV and Wi-Fi services, whereas many others do not. See if it is worth spending on such facilities for you before booking. Some places disallow using hairdryers after a specific time. So, ask for all these details. Also, some places have restrictions on the time of using their services and checking in and checking out timing.

Tip #6 – Book Early

Sometimes, booking at least a month before the travel date gets you quite a discount. Never wait for the last moment to book accommodation. The risk of waiting is that the place may get sold out or prices may go up because of the season. Also, make sure there are no charges for canceling a booking in case you must change your plans due to any reason.

Tip 7 – Never Hesitate to Ask Questions

Ask questions! The more details you get about accommodation the better it will be for you to find the right place. Does it have a playground, gym, and swimming pool? Is there enough safety for kids? Can you get a wheelchair for elderly people accompanying you, etc?

Tip #8 – Seek Off-peak Deals

If you are willing to save some money and do not mind the heat, plan your trip to Abu Dhabi during the off-peak time. The hottest time of the year is usually between May and September. Mid-summer is usually busy with a lot of people flying through in transit. Fares will be high in peak times. It may be a good idea to ask in June and September so you can get lower fares. Another important detail to keep in mind is that local weakened (Friday and Saturday) are less busy and less expensive days. Thursday through Saturday are the busiest and most expensive days to fly into and out of Abu Dhabi. Likewise, booking accommodations in Abu Dhabi will be tougher on busy days.

Do note that you will enjoy your trip best when there is less traffic and crowd at the airports and hotels.

Before you move on from this article and start packing for your trip, you may need some tips pack for the journey. You can click here to read the tips we have for you.

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