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Router Buying Guide – How to Buy the Best Wi-Fi Router

Router Buying Guide


Are you working from home? Do you have a sound internet connection? What about your Wi-Fi router? These things are extremely vital nowadays, especially with the stir that the world is feeling with the COVID-19 pandemic.

You must focus on getting the best offers that you can easily with the routers that you are looking to buy either for your office or your home setup. Internet service providers (ISPs) such as Spectrum allow you to get both at home and on the go Wi-Fi connection. As offers like Spectrum Select Channels are one of the amazing reasons why customers rely on this amazing ISP.

In case you are using another service and there is not an add-on to the router or a modem then you can take the assistance of our router buying guide and make sure that you are selecting the right device for yourself.

Router Speed Matters the Most

It is no news that ad copies or the promotional campaigns exaggerate the performance level in some ways. It can be the case when it comes to the speed of the router, if the manufacturer is not as reliable then you will have to keep this in mind.

Plus, you must also acknowledge that speed is the factor that can make or break the decision. There are many cheap options available from which you can get a 100 Mb/sec connection. But we will recommend you to get a more capable device that gives you around 1000 Mb/sec. This will not only optimize your experience but will also extend the product life cycle.

Never Compromise On the Coverage

When we are buying a router, we tend to ignore the importance of the level of coverage a router can provide us. Whether you are getting a router for your office or your house, you should make sure that it delivers fast enough internet to every corner of that space.

If you are not getting a strong signal in another room, where the Wi-Fi device is not located then there is no use in having that router in the first place. If you are facing this problem then we recommend you try a mesh system. This allows you to get broader coverage plus you can use the internet on multiple devices at a time.

Always Check the Wi-Fi Security

The factor of security plays an extremely vital role in a Wi-Fi connection. No matter how much convenience a device is providing you, you cannot rely on it if it doesn’t have a security system. When you are using a Wi-Fi device, the intruders can easily have access to your activities, files, and documents if you are not cautious.

Make sure that your Wi-Fi device supports a WPA3 or WPA2 (the third and second implementation of the Wi-Fi Protected Access protocol). Even if you are unable to get a WPA3 you should always have a WPA2 at all cost.

Seek For the Smart Wireless Management

Smart wireless management is the level of functionalities that a router possesses to make the user experience is more intuitive. Today, many people face signal issues or connectivity problems. But if you are looking for something that doesn’t lead you to this situation in the future you should opt for the device that has smart functionalities.

Several products including Google Wi-Fi are currently offering the customers to get their devices that can get control through smartphones. Plus, many devices also come with smart parenting controls that allow you to manage the time out and usage of the internet at your preference.

Can You Buy A Wi-Fi Router In A Budget?

Yes! You can buy a Wi-Fi router for as low as $100 and as high as $5000 or more. But you should always check the required features of the router to make sure that your need is fulfilled.

Plus you should also check different types of routers that are compatible with both office use and home use. Still, if you are looking for a large enterprise router then you might have to loosen up a little on your budget. So that you can get all the functionalities, including wide coverage, high speed, and so on.

The Bottom Line

This Router Buying Guide has highlighted the important aspects that you must look for in a router when you are buying one. There is no rocket science in purchasing a router, you just need to know all the essential functionalities and purchase the router from a reliable source.

We recommend you to connect with your ISP and ask them if they are rendering the product, you never know you might stumble upon a sleek package that includes a viable Wi-Fi router to fulfill your needs.


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